Sunday, February 19, 2012

All by my lonesome...

and tryin' to get over a cold. Denise flew up to Kentucky at the butt crack of dawn Thursday morning, leavin' me to my own devices. My cold really hit me Friday afternoon while I was at work, so I went to the store and got some high power pills (the kind they keep behind the pharmacy counter and make you sign for... friggin meth-head assholes makin' life harder for everyone). I called off my normal Friday night dinner with mom, went home and hit the sack.

I was supposed to go up to Gatesville and shoot guns with the fellas Sunday, but some heavy rains blew through over the last few days and put and end to that. Too muddy to enjoy the woods, so maybe we'll do it next weekend.

I'm basically stain' in. I've been watching TV, old movies and stuff, between naps on the couch and long intervals at the computer, surfin' YouTube for cool movies and documentaries that I can save and watch later. You like Tom and Jerry? Well check this out.

You like classic old sword and sandal epics? Dig this. I've always loved that one. You can find just about anything on there, but it's not always in English. I'd love to find an English language version of this, but subtitles would do. No luck though, but it's too cool to pass up. Translates as Brest Fortress.

It's a recent Russian movie about a battle that raged in the summer of 1941. pretty cool, with some amazing special effects. Fast forward to 1:44.00 and start watching at the point where the Soviet defenders are about to be forced to surrender after a week or more of fighting. The stuff that happens from then on needs no translation.

You like old Samurai flicks? I've recently become a HUGE fan of a series of movies and TV shows from the 1960s and '70s about a blind samurai named Zatoichi. Check him out.

I think I've eaten just about everything that was loose in the house over the last few days. You know, "feed a cold, starve a fever." Denise had a box of Nilla Wafers on the shelf for months. Was plannin' to make banana pudding or somethin'. Well, I guess I'll have to get her another box.

Tonight, I'm feelin' much better, so I decided to put some pork ribs in the oven. They've been in the fridge for a while, so they needed cookin'.

I put them on a pan and sprinkled some seasoning on them, and then squirted some honey on them and spread it around. Then I turned them over and spread some Gen. Tso's sauce over the other side.

I bundled it all up in foil and shoved it in the oven at 300 degrees for about two and a half hours. Then I went back to surfin'. When the buzzer went off I put a pot on the stove and started heating up my corn. I've found this new brand of cream corn that I really love.

Usually cream corn is made from the busted up scraps, and I'm not fond of it. But these folks make it from whole kernel corn, and it's really good. Of course, it's even better once I toss in some butter, pepper and honey.

When the time came to take the ribs out of the oven, I grabbed the camera and put it on movie mode, It's frustrating as hell to try to open a super hot foil wrapper with one hand while you try to get good video with the other. Feel me?

Here's some before and after teasing. BEFORE...

And after.

Yep, it was mighty good. And the corn was good too.

So now I'm fellin' better, watching Star Trek on the telly and thinkin' about getting out of the house. Maybe a surgical strike to the grocery store? You know, to replenish the stores.

Tomorrow I plan to drive over to Temple and take mom out to eat and to go shopping, so maybe I'll just wait till then. Two birds with one stone, as it were.

So now that you're sufficiently hungry and slobbery, I'll be off. Denise is having a wonderful time in Kentucky, goin' to wedding shops with her daughter and picking out dresses (she and her fella are gonna tie the knot in October). She'll be flying home to me about this time tomorrow night. It's empty around here without her bein' around.

So, I'm off. Try not to hurt yourselves lookin' at those pictures. Cheers.