Sunday, August 07, 2016

God, it's been a long time.

Was scrolling through and updating the favs I just transferred from my old laptop to this new one and eventually got around to clicking on a few old blog links. Most of the ones I used to read are ether history, or they're sitting idle, like this one. Makes me a bit sad, thinking back to how much fun I used to have reading and posting, and how many friends I found. Seems like a lifetime ago.

My own relationship with this blog ended abruptly when I lost a wonderful career over it. Something I posted was twisted around and used against me. But I've moved on, and maybe one sign of that would be for me to come back here now and then, however hesitantly, and maybe get back into the groove of it. We'll see. No promises. Can't imagine anyone having the time to play around here too much, so maybe just some pictures to begin with. Now that it's over, here's how I spent my summer vacation.

Our fishing spot up in Canada. Apparently there was a little dust up during the War of 1812.

My best bass.

A decent pike. Last fish of the trip.

The rest of these are from a trip to Florida with Denise's family. We did several of the parks, the space center and went swimming at Daytona Beach. We all had a great time.

Good times were had by all. Now I'm counting the days until the summer ends, but the school year will fly by, just like the last one, and we'll be off again next June. Hope everyone else had a great summer too. Cheers.