Friday, August 21, 2009

What's been goin' on, and friday stuff.

So, the last few weeks have been busy. I started working at San Saba again right after coming back from the road trip, and started teaching on Ft, Hood again this week. The dual credit classes at Florence High School begin Monday, so I'll have eight classes goin' at the same time. That's my usual load, so it's no big deal. But after bein' off from everyone for five weeks, the transition back to a full load has been tiring.

To make matters worse, we've been dealin' with a crapped out fridge for about a week and a half. The freezer is frosting up and keeping the fridge side from cooling. I had a guy come last Saturday and replace something in there... the defrost sensor, or something, but the friggin' thing is still busted. The freezer is still frosting up and the fridge just won't cool. Someone is scheduled to come back tomorrow morning and check it again. Lets hope this time the bastard fixes it.

Since the fridge has...

Son of a BITCH! The Sears folks just called and told me the service folks are NOT working weekends in this area any more and won't come tomorrow. I'm now rescheduled till next Friday! Thing is, I never called Sears. I called Maytag, and they gave me a number for another service company. So now I'm on hold with them. If I have to wait another fuckin' week to get this thing fixed I might as well turn it off, ditch all the food and beer and shoot holes in the blasted thing. Then maybe shoot the repairman who wasted all my fuckin' time last Saturday! SHIT!

Anyway, since the fridge was going out we decided to try to eat as much of the food in the freezer as we could to keep from wasting it. We're talkin' binge here.

Shit! Shit, shit, shit! Now these folks are tellin' me their one dude doesn't come out here on weekends any more and they don't have anyone else, so I'm back to next Friday. Shit! If it wasn't for the fact that this is warranty work from the last failed attempt to fix things I'd just find someone else to work on it. Where's my fuckin' gun?

OK, serenity now... Serenity now. It just don't matter. Put the gun down. Pfew, that was close. Like I was sayin', beginning of the week we decided to finally cook stuff like this frozen Turkey that'd been in the freezer for months.

It turned out really good. My wowman's got skills. The dressing wasn't the same as the home made cornbread dressing mom makes, but it was still really good. The taters and peas were good too. It was all good.

Like I said, I started working on the base this week. As I was getting in the car to drive over to class Tuesday, this dude thundered up and turned into the Burger King drive-through across the way.

Wwwuuuh! I wanna tel ya, there's nothin' like that rumble. I wants one SO BAD!

When I got home in the evening at about 10:15, Denise told me that she'd been by to see a friend of hers, a German lady, and that she'd had a present for us. We'd gone over to her place a few months ago to celebrate her getting her Masters Degree, and we'd done some drinking. You know, a celebratory piss up by the pool. Anyway, she had these sample bottles of German brandy that were kick ass. That inspired me to tell her about the fig flavored vodka/brandy that we'd tried a few years ago at Terlingua.

Kliner Feigling. Well, the next time her relatives flew over from Germany, guess what the brought?

Mmmmm, I wanna tell ya, this stuff is goooood! We tossed back a few after breakin' it open. I've gotta be careful with it though. God knows when we'll see another bottle.

So, tonight is gonna be a fun night. Denise and I have tickets to see AL Green in Waco, or really at a cool little place southwest of Waco.

It's called the Hog Creek Ice House.

It looks like an old Honky Tonk that someone has recently put some money into. Bottom line, the place is nice, the food is excellent, and the prices are reasonable.

It's set up inside with a large area for eating, but you can shove all these little tables aside and make way for Dancing if the stage (far left back of this shot) is hoppin'.

We decided to try their tater wedges as an appetizer. They're called Hog Fries on the menu, and come with grated cheese, bacon bits, jalapenos, cilantro and sour cream. We both agreed they could have been warmer, with the cheese melted a bit more before the sour cream was slathered on, but they were great, and we'd definitely order them again.

For dinner Denise went for the Patty Melt: A half pound burger with grilled onions and Swiss cheese on a toasted, grilled slab of Texas toast. She had seasoned fries on the side and a Shandy. And yes, we got that look again from the waitress when she heard that Denise was gonna put 7-Up in her beer.

I went for the Hog Burger: A half pound bacon cheeseburger with both Swiss and American cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos, with chipotle mayo. I also chose the seasoned fries, and a Shiner Bock... straight up, thank you very much.

When I went up to the bar to get the tickets for tonight, I was amazed at the cool antler chandeliers, and the general look of the place, but they disappointed me with both the small number of pulls and the fact that their pulls were busted that day. I would have preferred my beer off tap. The place does LOOK cool though. It's got potential, but lets try to spend a bit less time on style and produce a higher level of substance, thank you very much.

We'll head up there tonight and try to eat dinner again before the show. It's gonna be outside in the back, in a big rodeo arena. The tickets are general admission, so we'll bring nice folding chairs and beer cozies. And my camera will be at hand, as usual. There'll be two bands on the stage before Green gets up there, including this guy. His name is Cas Haley.

I'm SO excited to see that guy. I loves me some Reggae. The other band, Pride and Joy, supposedly does a pretty good SRV imitation, so how bad could the evening be? The groove should be on by the time Big Al arrives. Here's a taste.

One last thing. I finally had the closing on my land Thursday morning. I sold my seventeen acres of rocky slope. It feels weird not to be a land owner after all these years, but it was necessary to pay my bills and move my life forward. I'll finally be able to get out from under the weight of that stress and feel rally free, for the first time in a long time.

Oh, I'll find some new land to buy somewhere.This time with tall trees and grass where I can build myself a house with one of those cool porches and a killer view, like Paul and Judy have. Maybe on a river or lake. We'll see. It's all possible now. Everything is possible. Cheers folks!


Mushy said...

Damn...I'm hungry and thirsty!

Nice place!

Mushy said...

P. S. I'm jealous of the music you'll be them both!

BRUNO said...

I'm gonna venture a guess: A defective thermal-expansion valve. Second guess: Defrost elements not functioning, leading to freeze-over on the "coils".

I've had good results with an online place called've always seemed to give me a good diagnostic-spot to start on. Even if you can't fix it yourself, you'll be more "in the know" about it, an' not get "double-fucked" for some additional "closely-related-to-function" part that wasn't needed to begin with!

PRH....... said...

Wife heads back to school tomorrow, the rug rats she works with start classes on Tuesday.

FHB said...

Mushy - It was great! Everyone put on a wonderful show. Pictures later.

Bruno - Yea, that second thing sounds familiar. We shut it down and thawed it out and now it's working fine, but we'll know in a few days if it's freezin' up again.

Pat - Yea, I started back in Florence today. Chaos, but normal chaos.