Sunday, July 25, 2010

This one's for Bruno, and all you other big kids out there.

I know it's out of sequence, but who cares. When we were on our way back west to Nashville and Denise's family here in Kentucky, we made a short stop in Crossville, at the outlet mall. While Denise looked at clothes, I went through a book store, and then found this cool place with all these electric trains.

Lots of old geezers and their toys, and lots of kids, old and young, enjoying the hell out of them.

The detals were cool. You could tell they'd spent a lot of time getting the sets right.

I helped one old dude out, with one of my natural talents. When one of his engines came off the rials on a tall track, I reached over and put it back on for him.

In the end, I decided to use the new camera and get some cool videos.

This first one shows one of the bigger trains, the conductor using it to deliver candy to the kids who stand by, watching the fun.

Pretty cool eh? I love the sound effects. It was hilarious to stand there and have them pass by.

Before I left, I went up to the counter and put some money in the jar set aside for contributions. I told them "Thanks for the fun," and walked off. The folks there thanked me profusely, and as I walked off, I heard one say to another, "Obviously, NOT from around here." Made me wonder if the locals care as much about electric trains, or maybe they don't have the money to donate.

Well, there you go dude. I hope you liked it. Cheers!


BRUNO said...

Heh, no, they're probably DEAF from hearin' the REAL-thing for years, if they gossip that loud!

Oh, the details that REAL-collectors go to has NEVER failed to amaze me!

Especially on the lead-engines! Right down to the soot-stains, from the exhaust. Not to mention the "daily dings-n'-bends" in the equipment.

Fine-line between ART, and REALITY, sometimes...!

FHB said...

It was really fun to be there. I figured you'd like it.