Monday, September 06, 2010

Life goes on.

What do you do when you're newly unemployed? Pffft, go to a high school football game, of course. Denise and I hit the road after she got home from Work. We hit the dry cleaners on 57th street, and the3n went by mom's place. She wasn't feeling up to going out to eat, so we just visited for a while. Then we headed out for the game.

My former students from Florence were playing the kids from Holland, Texas, down in Holland. That's where my daddy grew up, kinda. His daddy moved to a farm just outside Holland after my daddy left to go to the army in the 1040s. It's where my uncle Punk, who was still a kid when my daddy left home, grew up went to school. It's about fifteen minutes south of where my mom lives, so Denise and I decided to check out the game after visiting with mom that afternoon.

It was decidedly werd for me to wander out there, knowing what's gone on, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna hide away in the house. These folks know me, and it was great to run into a few students, and former students.

Plus, it was really an awesome game. The kids came to win, and played that way. The QB was one of my students, as were several other players, and the water boy, and about a third of the cheerleaders.

It's always fun to sit in the stands and see them going through these high school rituals. It's a life lesson. Life does go on, and the world continues to turn.

For the Florence folks, it was a great night, and for Denise and I too. We had a blast, and then we drove home and relaxed with a few adult beverages in front of the big flat screen. Of course, it was also very weird to be there, and to see these kids. I guess I'm still in shock about everything, but I've been hearing a lot of encouraging stuff from students and friends in the last few days. And I've been given reason to hope that everything may soon... well, I don't want to go there.

I have to say that it's all been, and continues to be a very educational experience. I've had people telling me for years that I shouldn't be so open on the blog. So revealing of my inner self. Looking back, I can see how this blog has evolved in time, as I have. I went from Fatty Fridays and a futile attempt at a gross out contest with Dick, to posting about my Dad, taking him out to eat and then to football games on Friday nights.

Frankly, I don't think I have anything in there to be ashamed of, but it's another thing to have other people, with their own opinions and motivations, checking out your posts and judging you by their standards. So, from now on, the blog will be private, and I'll be doing this for my own little circle, which is what I thought I was doing all along, but I was proven wrong. I also wanna say that it's been wonderful to read and hear all the well wishes from folks in that last few days. That almost makes it worth while to go through all of this.

No, no it's not. Nothing could make this bullshit worth while. It's too humiliating and horrifying. But Denise and I will work our way through it. So, you guys be cool, and I'll keep you updated on what's going on. Cheers!


*Goddess* said...

Jeebers, that's one HELL of a big mascot! For a minute there, I thought that thing was real!

kenneth said...

For Labor Day lunch I had a large box of Coco Puffs and what was left of a bag of candy. Then I went outside and was mean to all of my neighbors. Determining the quality of one's behavior requires comparison, and your worst post ever was innocent and kind compared to my normal activities.

And since it's private:
Which birth control method is commonly utilized by NEA members?

FHB said...

Goddess - I've often though they should get a real one. Maybe some local farmer raise a tame one and drag it around the campus. Probably not though. It would inevitably get annoyed and stomp some Freshman.

Kenneth - So true.