Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here's some amazing video from WW2. Brits and some of their commomwealth troops.


BRUNO said...

Even up 'til the '70's, the Commonwealths' troops were notorious for their (lack of) protection from "flying-shit" to the head, therefore resulting in many unnecessary head/facial wounds. In all fairness, though, most American Recon-units suffered the same problem. Sometimes, a helmet just wasn't practical, regardless of the risk.

I'm pullin' a "blonde-moment" right now, but---when DID British troops finally get rid of the basic "Tommy-Style"-helmet, anyway? Was it about the same time as WE went to the Kevlar of today?

Something that always struck me as ironic: What was it, in the '80's, when (West)Germany abandoned the old "Stahlheim"-style?

WE picked it up from THEM, and put it in Kevlar, and then THEY temporarily took OUR old "piss-pot"-design, still in-steel, and used it up until what, about 10-years ago???

Guess THEY were right long-before US...???

FHB said...

I think the brits wet to a modified, turtle shell shaped thing in the 60s. The West Germans used our style steel pot, I think, until the 90s. The East Germans always used a modified version of their old helmet. I've always thought it was cool. Now they use a Kevlar version of ours. I think our guys started using the "Fritz" in the mid 1980s. Have you seen the Soviet/Russian special forces helmet. It's ridiculously heavy, so they recommend you don't wear it too long at a time.

FHB said...

The Brits use a kevlar thing now, adopted in the 80s or so.

FHB said...

My personal fav was always the German, or maybe the old Russian design, before the common WW2 thing everyone knows about. It was like the Swiss design they recently got rid of.

BRUNO said...

I've yet to see the "new, improved"-Russian S.F. covers---that's where I'm headed next!☺

I always did think the "Fritz"-design, as you call it, would give a lot better protection to the neck area. But I always wondered how it would do when worn with a full-loaded ALICE-pack, since they tend to ride-high anyway? Did the "mullet" in the back get in the way of movement?

Kevlar IS lighter, but, damn, it LOOKS-uncomfortable, AND heavier---although, I'm told it is NEITHER of the two, as compared to the old-days' steel "pot"...!

BRUNO said...

Is that the helmet with TITANIUM-plates you're referring to? As in, FIVE-FUCKING-POUNDS of it?

Might be damned-close to bulletproof, indeed---but I wonder if they've "factored-in" the residual-energy of the bullet, even if it only "wings" the edge of it---as in, a twisting-effect of going AROUND it, instead of THROUGH?

Actually, I guess it wouldn't be unlike shooting a bowling-ball?

Damned-close to the same density, and weight....!!!☺

FHB said...

They were introducing the fritz when I was in high school. That's where I got the name. I understand the spec ops guys don't use it because of the back. they use a lighter version that has less back to it.

FHB said...

My buddies at hood always said they preferred the old piss pot. you could cook your supper in it. Try that with Fritz and he melts on ya.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, you COULD cook in it, but after you did so several times---you went to lookin' for a "new-spare", because the heat would make the "pot"-brittle after a while, and it COULD shatter upon impact with whatever, instead of deflecting.(Not saying it always DID, but still---it COULD.)

But, hey---you could SHIT-in it all-day, and never so much as dent it!(Peel the paint, maybe? LOL!)Well, and then WASH in it, too, afterwards!

Hell, if "fritz"-liner is removable like the old ones? It'd be a SUPER-shit-pot, with that raised-edge on it, to stop the splatters.....!!!☺☺☺!