Monday, June 06, 2011

So, I was subbin' the other week...

Proctoring 9th Week Exams in a Math class. Easy peasy. It was a two day gig. Second day, there turned out to be no late class for me to test, so I went to the office to see if they'd let me go. Some schools will. This one didn't though. They sent me to the library to wait out the day, just in case they came up with a need for someone to sit in a class for a while.

So, I sit there and try to read my book, but the reading starts to put me to sleep. I get up and wander around, checking out the selection in the library. Did I tell ya it was a middle school. I was subbing a 7th grade class.

Anyway, I find a set of books on Dinosaurs. I LOVES me some Dinosaurs. I flip open the second book and this is what I see.

Mmm, hm. In the fog of my the-day-is-almost-over-and-I-wanna-go-the-fuck-home dementia, I'm thinkin' "Daym! That poor bastards got his junk on his face. I bet he was bullied in school. Ya think?"

Upon further research, the dude in question is a Hadrosaur from China, called a Tsintaosaurus. Some artists renderings show him with his junk... That is, his nads, on his face.

Others don't. But he's always got that, er, horn. Turns out, what looks to the layman (snif) like a respectable boner, and an uncomfortably hefty set of jewels, was probably a large sinus cavity and horn, used for signaling and communicating with other critters.

Yea, I hear ya. I think we know that signal, don't we fellas? He's "signalin'" the girls that it's party time down in the ol' late Cretaceous period.

Ya think?

I'm out.



BRUNO said...

Hmm. Maybe they curl-around, an' fuck-THEMSELVES, like earthworms do?

To quote a "higher-up"(sniff!): "Hey, I'm just sayin', that's all!".....!☺

FHB said...

Certainly could give some hellatious prehistoric face, couldn't he?