Thursday, August 11, 2011

You been wondering why all the rioting is going on in Britain?

This guy sets it straight. Gotta love it.


PRH....... said...

Coming to America....if Obammy gets re-elected in 2012 bank it!

BRUNO said...

I dunno, PAT. I mean, I DO agree---but I ain't too-damned certain that it hasn't ALREADY started, just in certain(still-yet)underground-groups.

(Don't look so surprised, you two! I mean, it's not like I fell-off the turnip-truck just last-week either, y' know...!!!☺)

FHB said...

Oh, it's happening. Several places recently, gangs of kids draggin' folks out of their cars and beating them up. "Flash Mobs" materializing and trouble ensues.

Problem with the kind of looking the Brits are dealing with... You try that shit in this country and you'll get shot.

The store owner will draw down on you, or someone else. We're not the Brits. The Brits learned at Lexington what an armed citizenry could do.

The best point the guy makes is about who the rioters really are. We have the same folks here.

BRUNO said...


BTW---who IS this guy? He "pops-up" like a weed EVERYWHERE, but when I ask? Nobody knows who the HELL he is!

Other than the fact he's definitely got an opinion---which seems to be always RIGHT, and never LEFT???☺