Monday, May 27, 2013

Posting this for a friend.

He wants to try to get more people to see his friends composition. Here's Disconsolate.


Kenneth said...

Very nice. He is attuned to the instrument and its range is far greater than I was expecting.

Jessica Beek said...

I went on Google to look at food pictures and found your blog. I watch Dual Survivor and Samuel Barber is one of my favorite American composers. Keep writing your blog, I am enjoying it.

FHB said...

Kenneth, it is very nice.

Jessica, Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the sentiment.

Barbara said...

Beautiful. I do love a cello.

You know, I ran into your youtube channel from a comment you left on a video of a tour of the old Kindley AFB, where you said you were born in that hospital in 1960. I had also posted a comment there as having been born there in 1968. Turns out the guy who posted the video graduated from high school with my mom. Followed to your youtube profile and immediately recognized your blog address. Goodness, it's been awhile. I used to blog as BabsRN. Don't know if you remember, but thought I would say hello. Hope things are well!