Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stuff that's goin' on.

It's been a busy week, and it's lookin' like a fun and busy weekend to come.

Denise and I took Monday morning off so we could relax and enjoy the concert in Dallas Sunday night. The Mule played a great set from about 10 PM till 1AM, and then we hit the Holiday Inn Express in DeSoto. I took a bunch of pictures at the gig, but I haven't had a chance to work on them yet. You know that when I do, you'll see them here and at FlickR.

Went back to the grind Tuesday morning and started giving exams. I think I've given about five this week. Have one more to give Friday afternoon. Fun, fun, fun! LOVE to see 'em sweat.

I got out of my noon San Saba class early Tuesday afternoon, having given an exam, and stopped at the grocery store in Lampassas on the way back. I picked up a dozen pale yellow roses and some chocolate covered strawberries for the little woman. Then I stopped at Arby's too get her a late lunch. She loves their Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich. I'm kinda partial to their Southwest Mini Egg Rolls. Wonderful, spicy little egg roll bites, with a spicy Chili-Lime Ranch sauce to dip them in. They remind me of the wonderful Southwestern Spring Rolls that we get at BJ's in Temple.

She called me while I was drivin' up to the campus and I led her to believe I was runnin' late and couldn't come by to see her. You should have seen the look on her face when I walked up there, flowers and food in hand only moments later! She was tearin' up, and all the other women on the floor were in a flutter, tellin' her how lucky she was. I love the hell out of doin' stuff like that. I guess I feel kinda partial to Denise too.

I went to work 0on the base, with the weather lookin' ugly. people were talkin' about a tornado warning and rain. Maybe hail. I tried to concentrate on "How a Bill becomes a law" while the music teacher across the hall was playin' incredible stuff; Cream, and some other old blues stuff. I had a hell of a time, pausin' now and then to head bang while my students laughed.

By 9PM, the storm had hit, with driving rain and small hail, and to everyones surprise the power went off in the building we teach in. All of a sudden the lights went out and the computer died. I made and executive decision and told everyone to fend for themselves.

I had a hilarious time escorting two scared females out of the building. They wanted me to guide them down the dark stairwell with my little pen light. So I took the point, only to stop half way down and turn out the light, witch brought blood curdling squeals from both girls. I tell ya, it was almost as fun as playin' with a rubber snake.

I was drenched to the bone runnin' to the car, but then I got home and found the little woman in a fabulous mood. The flowers had done their work. I tossed my jeans in the dryer, opened a huge bottle of Sutter Home Muscato, and the rest of the evening was history.

As I sat down on the couch an episode of Without A Trace was ending, and they were playing the old Band classic, The Weight, as one of the characters gave some sort of tearful soliloquy.

I hadn't heard it in a while, so I was inspired to ask Denise if she'd ever seen the movie "The Last Waltz". She said "No.", so I asked her if she wanted to watch it. I have the DVD. We spent the next few hours singin' along (well, I sang) with the music and enjoying the film. She loved it, saying she'd have paid to watch it in the theatre. Here's another personal favorite, this time a clip from the movie.

For some reason this one made me think of Daddy. I teared up a bit while I was singin' along. Denise just hugged me a little harder till the moment subsided.

Anyway, we shared the chocolate covered strawberries and did a lot of snugglin' on the couch while we watched the flick and drank that bottle of Muscatel. It was a wonderful night.

Aside from all of that, the weekend is set. We're gonna go down to Austin and eat dinner at Pappasito's on Valentine's Day, and then we've got a room reserved at a nice hotel on the strip in Fredericksburg. After spending Sunday afternoon there strollin' around and sampling all the wine we'll eat a good meal at the Auslander and drive home.

Monday is a holiday for most of my students, but the high school is still having classes. So I'll have to head down to Florence for a few hours Monday morning while Denise sleeps in, and then I'm loading the car with guns and heading up to Dave's place in Gatesville. A bunch of us are gonna meet there at noon and shoot stuff, celebrating Presidents Day in our own particular way.

So you guys have a great Valentines day and President's Day, and well see you again on the other side. Cheers!


Pat Houseworth said...

Damn, must be on the same wave length...I was thinking about The Band last night and adding "The Weight" and a couple others to my Blog Juke Box.....with the calf muscle blown out, I have the time....

david mcmahon said...

Jeans in the dryer? In the DRYER? I've never been brave enough to put my precious jeans in there in case they shrink.

Now THAT would worry me!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Hi FHB!!
I put Larry's black denims in the dryer, and forgot to turn em inside out...and they came out cover in white creases like tie die effect..he was not amused, to say the last... I cant have any more clothes drapped around the house it drives me crazee!!

great post over from POTD..well done