Friday, February 06, 2009

We're headed to Big "D" Sunday to see Gov't Mule at the House of Blues.

The ticket drama has been a pain, but it looks like a pretty good time is comin' together nicely.

I ordered two general admission floor tickets and two balcony seats (third row center) for the gig about five weeks ago. But none of them arrived after a month or so, so I had to call Tickets Now and bitch a little.

In the end, they emailed me the GA tickets and left the others at will call. They supposedly were "lost in the mail", so they voided the bar codes on those and will run us off some new ones. I tell ya, if I get there and some fucker is sittin' in those seats, like my mail man, there might be a new episode of COPS in the works. But everything is on track now and it looks like it'll be a great time.

My buddy Jim and his wife Terry from Ft. Worth are gonna ride the train over and meet us at the West End. We were plannin' to drive up Sunday and get a room at the Hyatt, but the Hyatt has dicked themselves out of our business.

We used to stay there for something like $115 a night, and be glad to have it, close and convenient to all the stuff we wanted to do. But now they're askin' something like $240 for one night! I don't think so. So we'll get a reservation somewhere else and drive to the gig. No sweat. One thing we're sure of, nether of us want to have to drive home for two and a half hours on I-35 after the concert, what with all the adult beverages we'll be consuming.

We're gonna try to find a new restaurant Jim's heard of recently. We'll eat a great meal, probably have a few adult beverages to start the night, then try get to the gig at the House of Blues in time for blast off.

Denise has taken Monday off and I'll be off till about 3PM. Terry'll probably have to try to keep Jim from talkin' out loud, drunk off his ass, about the squirly folks they always see on the train back to Ft. Worth in the middle of the night. It's happened before.

Anyway, I think I may have posted this one before, but I love what they do with this tune.

That's about the view the GA tickets will get us. Can't wait. And dig this.

I'll have the camera, so you'll see what I see. If you're in the vicinity, see if you can get tickets. Maybe I'll see ya there. Cheers!


Suldog said...

The Big D is one of those things I've heard a lot about, but never been to. I was a carny for a while, and thus have little patience for most fairs and carnivals, but that's one I'd like to go to. It's just so huge and full of interesting entertainment.

And I have always wanted to see Gov't Mule, too. Fantastic band. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Have fun 2 of my favorite people! I got to speak with Denise a few times this week. Upon your return, take her (and your Mom) to Chuck's BBQ & Steakhouse on West Adams @ Pearidge (as you go towards the Belton's 317). I had the best steak and catfish there this week. Yesterday was my big 34 as a happy (and yes, very productive) government employee. Belle

Shrinky said...

I wish! Oooh, oooh, oooh, I am soooooo jealous!!

Be sure to take lots of footage, won't you? Looks like a grandold time is set to be had by all - enjoy!

Mushy said...

Loved you Flickr shots of Warren!