Friday, October 17, 2008

Check this shit out.

Unbelievable! You see that fat thing do that pull-up? It's amazing, the stuff they've come up with. Too bad they don't have a bunch of little RC paratroopers to drop out the back, or one of those Bunker Buster bombs with a parachute attached. BOOM! Now THAT'd be really cool to see.

Of course, me bein' who I am, I'm thinkin' about settin' up a little RC SAM site out at the local park where the nerds congregate with their expensive toys. A little daisy pattern RC SA-2 site, complete with little RC AAA... Arsoft of course. I'm not bloodthirsty or anything. Does that make me a nerd too?

Yea, I'm a nerd. Full blown! For instance, one of my students came into class with his new I-Phone the other day, showing me one of it's settings. He punches a few buttons on the screen and the thing starts to make Light Saber noises. He waves it around in the air and I just about shit myself. Gotta get me one of them!

Of course, it's Friday, so you know what we'll be doin' later. Denise and I will head over to Temple to get mom. Turns out they're gonna let me have Chinese food again today. Woohoo! After that Denise and I will drive down to Florence and watch another football game. Should be chilly, so we'll take some blankets to snuggle under. I'll try not to get us arrested. No promises.

There's been another blow-up with mom and sis in the last few days. Sis has a job interview in Colorado next Friday. Wants mom and I to both pony up a bunch of money to pay for her trip. She's gonna get what she needs, but not all she wants. I just pray to GOD that she manages to get that job and hold on to it. Please God! That would go a LONG way towards solvin' a lot of problems for everyone.

I turned in my grades from this last semester today and posted them on the web. My boss asked me if I'd be cool with helping him with on some administrative stuff. Something about grades in some online classes being held out in the Far East somewhere. I told him, "Whatever I can do." God knows what that's gonna be all about, but I'll do whatever I need to do. Always good to be seen by the boss as helpful and dependable. Something my sister needs to learn!

I also sat through about three hours of Sexual Harassment training on the main campus today. What a huge friggin' waste of time. Basically, "here's the stuff you shouldn't do because you might get fired for it". Useful knowledge, but insulting too. I mean, in most cases, it's just rudeness or stupidity, or bigotry that gets people in trouble. If your momma raised you right you probably already know what not to do to someone else in the job, or anywhere else. Beyond that, it's just some dude tryin' to get laid, and I still think that's legal, or should be. Eye of the beholder.

Anyway, think of me, slidin' up to the buffet and shovelin' up a pile of the general's chicken. Mmmm, good! Later. Cheers!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i named my iphone grace. i love her. just sayin'...

smiles, bee

GUYK said...


Mushy said...

I love it!

I also want that light saber sound!

BRUNO said...

And I've often been accused of "wasting" money on MY hobbies! I couldn't hold a candle to THESE folks!

We've got a group in this area that has a very similar collection of custom-made "aircraft" of this type. But the group is really "snobby", and I don't "smell" right to them! LOL!!!

Think I'll just stick to "steam & old gas"!

But I still loved the above "show", all the same...!

phlegmfatale said...

couldn't believe it got off the ground!

Suldog said...

Oh, God help us, PC training. What a huge nothing.