Friday, October 03, 2008


This'll be short. I got the full-time job in San Saba, and they want me to start drivin' out there four days a week on the 27th of October. My work load on Ft. Hood will be cut from five classes to two, but I'll still be drivin' to Florence every morinin' and teachin' at the high school.

This means regular pay checks every two weeks from now on, with extra money on top of that for teaching the AP classes in Florence and the two nights on Ft. Hood. Busy as hell, but no more classes than I'm teaching now. Important thing is, I'll make enough extra money to begin paying off my credit cards. That's big. It's worth all the driving to do that.

I'll be takin' mom and Denise to eat tonight. probably BJ's in Temple. Then maybe a football game. My Florence kids are playin' in Rogers tonight. Then, hopefully, we'll go to a pub in Temple called O'Briens to see Chris Lopez.

The rest of the weekend will be yard work and relaxing. You guys chill, kick back and we'll talk later. Cheers!


Chuck said...

Congrats on the new full-time gig. Extra money is aways good! Maybe y'all can afford a trip to Bama sometime soon! ;)

pat houseworth said...

Good Luck Brother...sounds like you are up for the challenge.

HollyB said...

Great News. I've been working on payin' off our credit cards for a while. One of my strategies is to take advantage of those 0% interest cards...check Chase for the longest periods. I do the balance transfer thing and then when that 0% period is over, get another 0% card and start over.
Also, if you've been on time with all payments, CALL the company and get a lower interest rate on the balances you don't transfer.

It's working for me, retired two cards already and am almost there with another.