Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gettin' stuff done... takin' pictures with the phone.

I gave blood down at the school last Friday. I didn't know they were gonna have the blood bus show up that day. Denise was stayin' home from work, sleepin' in, gettin' over her jet lag from the flight back from Britain. It was an early out day (pep rally or something), so I got out of class way early. I didn't have anywhere else to go after class, job wise, so I decided to cut loose with a few pints.

Last time I gave I had to spend a hour explaining all the countries I'd been to in the last twenty years. But this time it was easy. Haven't been anywhere in the last few years. Haven't used a pro, or been a pro in the last few years. Nope, I haven't had sex for money in a good while. Can't find anyone willing to pay up. They don't know what they're missin'.

A few of my students were in there when I got there. It was fun, messin' with their heads, tellin' 'em how big the needle is that they use. You know, they need volume, otherwise you'd be there all day. Told 'em to poke one girl about five times for me. She's sweet, but can be a pain in the ass now and then. Her mom too. She's one of those that emails me wanting to know why her little dear didn't make a better grade on the exam. Tedious! I don't EVER have to deal with shit like that at the base, or at the jail.

Anyway, I sat myself down and got jabbed, and got a cool t-shirt for my trouble. Apparently my blood is special. There's a virus that most people get that contaminates their blood. But apparently I've never had that virus, so my blood is particularly good for little premature babies, and maybe AIDS patients. So it makes me feel really good to give. Still, I don't do it often enough, so I take advantage of the opportunity when the blood bus comes to Florence.

The week since then has been fun. Time off for good behavior? Naaa, just Spring Break. Been spendin' a lot of time in front of this computer, gettin' stuff done and relaxin'. Denise has had to work this week, so I stay home and cook dinner. We had BBQ ribs Friday night, and then left-overs Saturday. We took Mom out to Dynasty for Chinese food Sunday, and then had chicken and a big salad on Monday night. Tuesday evening, we met up with a good friend from work at a place in Killeen called the Pizza Palace. They make the best pizza in town, hands down.

I drove up to Gatesville and shot the new toy at Dave's place yesterday afternoon. Got up there and discovered that ol' Dave's has a new woman in his life.

She hasn't got a name yet, but she's cute as can be. He said she just wandered up one day a few weeks ago. She's about doubled in size since then. Oh, and she and Red get along fine.

I picked her up a cuddled her, forcin' myself on her the way I'm prone to do. Next thing I know she's purrin' and walkin' all over me. I tell ya, I've got the touch. Pretty soon Red is pushin' her head into the mix, feelin' jealous of all the attention the cat's gettin'. So I had to talk sweet to her too.

We loaded up the truck and headed out, findin' the ground to be mostly dry. He said he'd gotten at least five inches of rain in the storm that rolled through last week. We've been so dry for so long, most of that soaked right into the ground.

That's my new toy, and my shooting bag. The clip is from Dave's new Tokarev, and that's his Garand in the white bag. He traded an extra Garand for the Tokarev from a guy he knows. He asked me to bring mine up so he could compare them (they're slightly different). I also brought him a reference book, so he could read up on a few things. He shot his Tokarev and one of his new Garands. I just shot the Galil.

We rolled up and found his shooting bench broken down. No tellin' if it was a cow, or the storm. We just propped it up and it worked fine. I forgot to bring my camera this time, so I was reduced to taking pictures with the phone.

He sighted in his Tokarev, and then his new Garand, and then I blasted away with the Galil. It shot fine with the Russian ammo. For some reason, the brass cased NATO .223 I had kept sticking in the chamber. The lacquered steel Russian .223 shot smooth as shit. I've heard stories about the lacquered steel rounds leaving a build up in the gun and messing with the brass. Maybe that was the issue.

I also found that one of the three clips that came with the rifle doesn't feed properly. The other two work perfectly. I'll have to tinker with it and see what I can do with it. All in all, I'm very happy with it. I even have plans to get a few extra parts and pieces for it. We'll see how things go.

Today is my last day to chill before we fly up to Nashville and then drive up to Kentucky to visit with Denise's family for a few days. We fly up early Thursday and then fly back Sunday afternoon. By the time I head back to work Monday I'll be a pooped padna. You have a great week and we'll talk after. Cheers!


Hammer said...

The laquer issue with the russian ammo is BS. It's not been proven to cause any issues. Actually it runs better in most guns.

A garand for a tokarev?..Tokarevs are not known for their hardiness but I guess monetarily it might be equal. But for a shooter I would pick Patton's favored implement.

FHB said...

Cool, thanks for the info. And yea, it doesn't seem like a good trade, till you realize he's got about three other Garands, and this one was the worst of the lot.