Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My woman's home, and I got a new toy.

Denise got home Thursday night after a week in England, her Mother Country. She had a wonderful time, helping her younger brother calibrate his 50th birthday. She had a smooth trip, for the most part, only suffering through some drama on the return flight. It was wonderful to have her back, and we've spent the weekend getting reacquainted.

When she got back home Thursday night she broke open her bags and look what spilled out.

When she left she took a bunch of Christmas and Birthday presents for her family, so on the return trip she had lots of space left in the bags. So, she filled the empty bags with English treats that she can't easily get here.

Anyone recognise any of this stuff? Anyone who's familiar with what they have over there will be amazed at this stash.

Their chocolate is richer than ours. Not sure why, but it is. It's like the beer... higher alcohol content. More potent. Well, the chocolate is the same way. Otherwise, the rest of this stuff is just English food that she can't get over here. Oh, we're not gonna eat it all. She'll share it out with her daughters when we fly up there at the end of this week and spend a few days with them.

She also got some baby clothes for the new Grandchild, due in September. Her younger daughter is expecting. We'll fly out of Killeen this Thursday morning and rent a car in Nashville. Fly back Sunday, just in time to go back to work.

Also, I drove over to Temple Saturday afternoon and picked up my new toy. That's it, on my work bench. I should get a chance to shoot in this week. Waters and I plan a shoot ether Tuesday or Wednesday up at his place. Can't wait.

We went to see two movies over the weekend... The Watchmen, and Race to Witch Mountain. Of the two, The Watchmen was my favorite, but I also loved Race. Race was fun, but it's basically a kids movie. Watchmen is the opposite of that. Way too friggin' many full frontal shots of Dr. Manhattan, frankly, but the story was great. The violence was over the tip, in a good way. The little guy from Breaking Away (you remember?) plays the baddest dude in the movie. Wonderful stuff.

The scene between Silk Spectre and Night Owl in the flying machine, and the scene with Rorschach in the prison cafeteria are both worth the price of admission. You'll love the flash back in time to an alternate history, even if it is stupid and insulting in some fundamental ways (Nixon as President in 85? And he and Kissinger itching to set off a global nuclear war? What silly liberal tripe!). Anyway, it's well worth seeing.

Check out Race too. You can take your kids to that one and enjoy the hell out of it. There are even some cameo appearances by the actors who played the two kids in the original movies. Watch closely in the scene where the Rock takes the two kids into a dive to eat while the cab is being fixed (by Cheech Marin). Of course, the evil, sinister government is the villain again in this flick. You'd think Hollywood would tire of that old theme, but I guess it works.

Anyway, I've got a week off from everyone, Spring Break, so I'll be chillin' here at the house while the little woman toils away. You guys try to have a good week. Cheers!


Suldog said...

Jammie Dodgers! One of the world's great cookies! I'd give a non-essential body part for some right about now, as I've not had a bite of any flour products for the entirety of Lent. I've dropped seven pounds, but I'm so sad without my carbs :-(

Sarge Charlie said...

Top o' d' day too ye Mr Fat Harry O'Bastard, that is one hell of a toy.

Hammer said...

Nice toy!

The snacks don't look half bad either.

FHB said...

Sully - Shocked to find anyone who knows what these things are. Yea, they're OK, but the chocolate is to die for.

Sarge - Back at ya, O'boyo.

Hammer - Dude! Where the hell have you been?! Great to see you again. And yea guys, it's a fun little toy.

Christina LMT said...

I loved "Watchmen". Too much Dr. Manhattan junk? Not at all! ;)

I think I enjoyed the movie more because I'm completely unfamiliar with the source material, so everything was a surprise to me.

I'll have to check out the Witch Mountain movie, but my daughter does NOT want to see it.