Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And here's what it looks like with the top down.

Looks like an East German folder.

Funky eh?


BRUNO said...

Oh, I love a good mechanical display of "machinery"!

Could you just imagine for a moment, if you will---a gun similar in design as this, that would cycle that slowly in normal speed---chambered to somethin' like a .303 Enfield???

"Damn you, don't make me SHOOT you with this sonofabitch!"

Just imagine EACH---BIG---HAIRY---RECOIL!!! Be about like the movies, where they somehow manage to free-hand a .50 BMG, with NO mounts!

Yeah---RIGHT! YOU go right ahead---I'll just sit back here, and sip my Shirley Temple.....!!!

BRUNO said...

Then again, after a SECOND look: What caliber is that? Ain't no .22's poppin' outta there! It's very possible that I'm totally FULL of shit---once again....!!!

BRUNO said...

Sorry---nevermind!!! AK-47. My eyes ain't what they NEED to be anymore...!

Lin said...

It is just me? I couldn't get any image to load on this one. Grrrrrrr!

Hammer said...

Here's one

FHB said...

Bruno - Yea, 7.62x39.

Lin - Sorry. It works for me.

Hammer - Eeeew, dude, that's just wrong.