Friday, May 01, 2009

New cigars, a project, and some other stuff.

First off, guess how I blew my Income Tax refund? Yep you guessed it, I went on a spree and picked up about four boxes of cigars, plus a few bundles on the side.

These here are some of the best of the batch. In fact, some of the best I've ever smoked.

Macanudo 1968s. The ones you see here are the smaller, 5x50 Robustos. I also got a box of 6x54 Toros. I originally found these at one of my local Humidors. They were sellin' these in various shapes and sizes, so I splurged and picked up a few of each. I found the taste to be better, richer and spicier than a regular Mac. I loved the taste, but the price made me gag. Ten or twelve bucks a piece, so I immediately started searchin' all my regular sites to see what they went for by the box.

I was amazed when I couldn't find them anywhere. None of my regular sources had these in stock. So I did a search and eventually found them at Arnold's Tobacco. The price is still high, compared to what I like to pay for a box of smokes, but these little puppies are worth it. Check them out if you find them somewhere, or just come by here. I can spare a few.

The other smokes I picked up came from a Cigars International catalog that I'd been carryin' around, the pages folded over, for months. From that I ordered some Macanudo Gold Label Duke of Yorks and some Majesty Cafes. I also was in the mood to experiment. They always have a few pages of cigars that are offered, 5 smokes for twenty bucks. So I ordered some Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Legends (red labels), Excalibur Dark Knight 1066s, and some Drew Estate Tabac Especials. So far, they've all been good smokes, but the Excalibur Legends have turned out to be the strongest contender. I smoke one of those puppies on the way to work, it lasts the full hour and ten minutes and when I get out of the car I'm friggin' dizzy. Love it.

I've also been engaged in a little repro job of late. I mentioned this briefly a few posts ago. My buddy Waters finally broke down under peer pressure and got himself a Kalashnikov. Yep, it was the election. I tell ya, that pencil necked fucker has sold more guns in the last 100 days than any other president. And yet, somehow, that little achievement is lost from all the lists of his great works we're hearin' about lately. I wonder why?

Anyway, Waters, knowing my level of expertise on these toys, engaged me to rebuild his Romanian gun to make it look like a Russian (Soviet) AKM from the 1960s. You see some of the parts in the shot above. I just happened to have the wood, much of it Russian made, and a few other parts, so than now he's got the gun he wanted. Then, all the drama with the AR-15s ensued, but we're cool with that. I'm keepin' my new toy and he's talkin' about tradin' his extra gun for one of those new M-4 clones. Now, that'd be cool as hell to have! Mmmm, it's payday.....

Anyway, a week or so ago, the Monday after the Jimmie Vaughan concert in Austin at Antone's, I was headed to San Saba and guess what I found along the way?

Turns out they'd had a hot rod show in town that same weekend, and one of the cars was on it's way north, zippin' up 183 just as I was on my way to work. I wish I'd been able to get a shot of the front of the thing. It was cool as hell. Reminded me of one of the cars that used to show up now and then in The Munsters.

About the same time, early last week, there was an accident on the bridge where 190 crosses the Lampassas River into San Saba county. An 18-wheeler turned over and burned, shuttin' the bridge down. I don't think anyone was hurt, but the bridge was out for a day. That means I had to drive WAY out of my way, detouring through Bend Texas, near Colorado Bend State park. Taking 580 or 581 means lots of twisty, turny road where you've got to drive 35 or 40 goin' around a curve so as not to end up in a ditch. And your chances of getting stuck behind some poky farmer are multiplied ten fold. Oh, I was stretchin' it. Slid the front wheels for a second on one curve, but I made it to work alive, fifteen minutes late!

Thankfully, they had the bridge open the next day, or I'd be hatin' life. Takin' that twisty detour through BFE each day would have been friggin' miserable.

Late last week I got this shot of a sunset over San Saba while I was drivin' home. I looked out over my shoulder and there she was, pretty as could be. So I turned around a went back for the shot. You can see a few others I took here.

Finally, the other thing I blew my refund on was concert tickets. The two on top cost me about $550, but they'll be worth it. Up front and to the side. Full view of the glorious noise. The Trower tickets were about $100 a piece. No big deal. Up front balcony seats at the House of Blues. Both gig's will be in Dallas in June. Denise and I will have a great time.

The other tickets I got are to a show in October, so the tickets have yet to be sent out. That will be an Allman Brothers show in Dallas at the outdoor arena there in Fair Park. My buddy Glen and I will drive up for that one (he's the guy I went to see Derek Trucks with a while back). Denise isn't into the Allman Brothers. Something about Greg Allman. Not sure, but it won't spoil my fun. I've never seen them before, so I can hardly wait.

Anyway, this weekend we'll try to relax and get some yard work done. maybe the rain will intervene and I'll be forced to lay around instead. You guys have a great weekend. Cheers!


Kevin said...

OK I'll admit I'm pretty ignorant about AKs... what is the difference between a Romanian and Russian AK?

BRUNO said...

Sorry dude---I'm settlin' for the "CI-Knockoffs"! I like mine MILD!

Those '68-vintage Macs are pretty much comparable to a Cohiba in quality, aren't they?

PRH....... said...

Must be that new can afford the "good sticks'...I'm with Bruno, the CI Knockoffs and Dollar a stick thingys are all I can afford.

FHB said...

Kevin - Not much, but it's worth a post. I'll see if I can whip something up.

Bruno - I like those too. But I was flush with cash, so I splurged. They taste strong, but not too strong.

PRH - Yea, I'm burnin' money. The new job is good.