Saturday, September 19, 2009

A great tune, and a great plane. What a combo!

Man, I've always loved the Phantom. Growin' up in the Air Force, they were always around. I'll never forget, goin' to school in Ft. Worth in the 70s. B-52s were always in the sky, and the reserve squadron at Carswell flew Phantoms. They were flyin' Thuds (F-105s) when we got there, but switched to Phantoms, and then eventually to F-16s. Anyway, lots of those old memories have been flooding through my mind these days. I still have that Steve Miller record on 8-track. I must have worn that sucker out a few times.

I'm taking Denise up to Ft. Worth today. We're gonna head over to the Ridglea Country Club this evening to attend my 30th high school reunion. Southwest High School, class of 1979. It should be fun. Sadly, a few of my old friends won't be there, for one reason or another. But it'll be very interesting to see all my other old classmates again.

Truthfully, I doubt any of them will remember me, or I them. I really wasn't in any social circles back then. Mostly stayed in my room and built models. I hid, afraid I'd be made to look silly. But I'm not the kid I was back then, and most of them can probably say the same thing. So we'll be getting to know one another as grownups this time, and the playing field will be MUCH more level.

I heard an old Dylan song on the radio the other day. One lyric stood out, and resonated with me more than it ever had before. He said something like, "I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now." So true. So very true. I feel like I'm getting younger all the time now, loosening up and learning how to have a good time, for the first time in my life. I wish I'd done it 30 years ago, but there's no going back. All I can do is go forward from here.

Here's to the class of 1979, and to good friends that can't be there, and to great friends who've helped me along the way. I love you all very much. Cheers!