Friday, September 04, 2009

Headin' out.

Denise and I are going to San Antonio this weekend. We've got reservations at the Holiday Inn, just up from the river. I came within' a very spindly, red you-know-what hair (Bruno?) of punchin' the button on a room at a VERY swanky, $199 a night place overlookin' the river. But I didn't do it. Could have. I've got the money. I WANTED to, but I just couldn't make myself. I'm tryin' to be good, now that my bills are paid and I'm solvent for the first time in years.

Well, I'm TRYIN' to be good. I also put in an order last night with CI for a truck load of new cigars. I'm tryin' a few new things: ACID Earthiness 5-pack, $24.00; and ACID Opulence Robusto 5-pack, $36.00; Oro Cubano Churchills, 50 cigars, (reg.$185), only $44.95. I'm also gettin' a new box of ACID Kuba Kubas. They're my favorites, and my box is almost empty. So I'm gettin' a new box of 24 (reg.$175.84), for only $136.95. And I ordered some more CI Knock-Offs, just like Macanudos. A bundle of 20 (reg.$158), just $41.00. Grand total... $291.85.

Yea, I know, but I smoke a lot of these things and I'm startin' to run low.

I got two tickets to the Austin City Limits Music Festival, for the Sunday shows. I was gonna try to get a three day pass, but I just don't have the desire to see most of the folks that are gonna show up Friday or Saturday. I wanted to see the Kings Of Leon, who are gonna be there Friday, but I won't pay the price they wanted for just one good group. I can see them another time, without all the heat and dust. So I chose to go for Sunday. There'll be Ben Harper, Raul Malo, the B-52s, Sonic Youth, The Dead Weather, and Pearl Jam. I could'a sworn that REM was gonna be there too, but I guess not. Oh well, it'll be a fun day anyway.

Also, there's a plan for a big shoot at Water's place in Gatesville Monday morning. A bunch of us will show up there at about 10AM and blast away. It should be fun.

I'm gonna get my hair cut in Salado at about 5PM today. Not sure about dinner plans with Mom. We'll see. Denise and I were gonna go watch a football game in Academy Friday night (Florence is going to Crawford to play, which is too friggin' far to go for me), but now we'll probably just head south to the river. We'll eat somewhere and then try to get there with enough time to relax and enjoy it. Or, we'll just head down there and find somewhere to eat down there. Mmmmm, that might be a plan!

So, you guys try to have a great three day weekend, and I'll lay out all the pictures for ya when I get back next week. Cheers!


BRUNO said...

DUDE!!! One of these days, you're gonna have to STOP at least long enough to take a shit! Or, is it like George Carlin said:"You don't TAKE a shit---you LEAVE one!"

Ya' must pack it in like a trash-truck! An' then just like that same truck, unload it at some early-morning hour, when us "day-shitters" are tryin' to sleep.....!!!

PRH....... said...

Thanks for e-mailing the Lackland AFB photos, that brought back many{if not so great} memories.