Saturday, September 12, 2009

The shots from our Labour Day weekend in San Antone are up on FlickR.

The Alamo was packed, with a line to get into the mission stretching all the way down and around the corner of the square. Since Denise had been in there before, and I've been there a dozen times, we decided to avoid the lines and check out the garden and the Long Barracks. The garden is the coolest thing about the place anyway.

Here's a shot from the garden. There were lots of folks like this walkin' around on Saturday. It was cool to see the young people in Air Force blue. At one point, as we walked down the River Walk, I took a picture of a couple of guys, and they noticed me doin' it. I held out my hand to one, shook it, and told him that my dad had been in the Air Force for 32 years. "Good luck with it," I said. They thanked me. I couldn't help but get emotional. Too many memories flooding by.

The River Walk was beautiful. Much more so that I'd remembered from all those years ago.

On Sunday, Denise and I drove out to Sea World and took that in.

I tell ya, I'd LOVE to be able to swim around in that tank with those critters. It looked wonderful!

I tried to get some good action shots of the show, but you can't really get the feel without bein' there yourself. I'd recommend it. It was great!

This is a shot Denise took of me, about to go over the edge on the Atlantis ride. That's me in the white t-shirt. I've got my arms in the air. There was a German tourist in the seat behind me yelling "Hände hoch!" Now, I've seen enough movies to know what that means. I wanted to yell back something like "Dude, the war's over!" But I quickly realized he just wanted his son to raise his arms and get the full effect of the ride. So, I went with it too. It was a blast.

The rest of the shots are over at FlickR. Enjoy.


BRUNO said...

"I'd love to be able to swim around with those critters!"

Mushy---you git the camera, an' I'll go git a cherry-picker with a BIG-hook an' a cargo-net...!

PRH....... said...

Been while since I visited the Alamo..back in the summer of 68 when taking Sky Cop School at Lackland...I was amazed at how small it really was, and how those American Heroes held out for so long.

Kevin said...

Wow. The Alamo looks smaller than I expecterd. Love to go out there and see it for myself.

FHB said...

Bruno - Dude, I've got moves. No nets necessary.

pat - I'd love to show it to ya. maybe when y'all come down for that reunion.

Kevin - When you come, tell me. You can even go out to Brackettville and visit the set of the John Wayne movie.

Kevin said...