Saturday, June 26, 2010

Went for a drive last Saturday afternoon.

I'd noticed some property on a drive to San Saba through the country. Turned out to be a bit beyond our means. $650,000. Nice place though.

On the way, we found a cool little subdivision near Lampasas called Fawn Acres. So guess what we see when we drive in?

Actual Fawns. I asked Denise, "How cool is it that they have actual Fawns in Fawn Acres, and they bring dinner right to ya?" She hit me.

Yep, them's good eatin'!

Speaking of eatin', we decided to try a newish place for dinner that night.

I say newish. We'd been to Eve's before, for lunch, but we'd never tried their dinner menu.

It's a cute little place, situated right on the square, across from the county courthouse.

I tried all sorts of angles, once we ordered our food, tryin' to get shots of all the crap they have hangin' on the walls and ceiling.

Turns out I had OODLES of time to get good shots. They had some sort of mix-up back in the kitchen and we ended up waiting about an hour for our food.

Oodles of time. I started drinking diet Dr Pepper, but then graduated to a Negra Modelo.

When the salad finally came, I was so friggin' hungry I just consumed it, and didn't get to take a picture till it was over. Trust me, it was good.

In time, my Kaseschnitzel (schnitzel with ham and Swiss cheese melted over it) was delivered...

And Denise's Jegerschnitzel, we were both VERY ready to eat. We both ordered extra fries because they told us they'd run out of green beans. It was NOT a good night for Eve's. The owner was very apologetic. In the end, after I paid the ticket, we got up to walk out and she called to us from the back, "Don't leave, don't leave!"

She gave us a complementary slice of strawberry cheesecake. It was wonderful, and a nice surprise. In the end, Denise and I agreed that the food was wonderful, and that we would be back.

You wanna look at a few more shots of the place, click here. Cheers!


Sarge Charlie said...

Kaseschnitzel never seen that, but I do love a good schnitzle. Looks like a fun day

FHB said...

Usually I go for Cordon Bleu Schnitzel, but this was good too.