Friday, October 15, 2010

Last night's little drama.

There I was, out in the geeeerage, workin' on my next project. Mindin' my own business and all, when Denise comes rushin' out, breathless. "You need to come in now," she said to me, eyes clinched. "You need to come in and take care of something."

Yep, projects (I digress). The Damascus, dirkish lookin' dude, er, dagger there at the bottom of the picture.

I think it's gonna look cool as hell when I get it done. My buddy Waters provided the antler. He says it's the only one he's ever found out there on his 20 acres. Once I get the spacers ready (there will be bands of black, white and maybe red between the layers), I'll glue it all together and begin grinding it down to where I want it.

I'm in the midst of getting the hole drilled correctly in the deer antler, and getting the wood (Osage Orange, aka Bois de ark) and Oosik layers spaced in there correctly, when one of my cats, Tiger, brought us home a present. Denise found it, alerted by another cat that was sniffing Tiger and growling at him. I went into the guest bedroom, where the cat door is located, and sure enough...

There was a little present waitin' for me. I went back to the garage and got my little shovel, picked him up, made a slight move like I was gonna go after Denise with it (that'll never stop bein' funny), and took it out to the work bench.

Poor little dude. I tell ya, life is HARD for the critters who live within' range of my little killers.

It warms my heart to know that my babies can still fend for themselves, if the have to. Like a proud daddy. Oh, yea, I tossed the unfortunate rodent in the field across the road from the house. It'll marinade out there in it's own juices, until a local Fox, or one of my little killers sniffs it out and has a snack.

By the way you can see the next project sittin' at the top of that picture up there. Again, Damascus. I have a thing for that stuff. This time a coffin handles bowie, with sheep horn handles.

Keepin' busy. Cheers!


BRUNO said...

Aaah, that hain't no mouse---that's a Texas-sized chigger....!

kenneth said...

Nice knives, but outstanding rat. If you had a foreign name and a weird haircut, I'll bet you could get Rat on a Shovel displayed in the MoMA.

FHB said...

Bruno - Naaaa brutha, that's a rat. My cat served a writ on that rat. It was a rat writ, writ for a rat... Aaaaah, I love that movie.

Kenneth - No doubt. That would be par for the course.

BRUNO said...

Well then, if THAT'S a RAT, you should start feedin' 'em better, in a state like Texas!

I've got a little "shit-shovel" exactly the same as yours---well, except mine's green. But still, MY rats "up-an'-ovah-heah" would fill that spade, with half still hangin' over! Of course, it may be due to mine havin' more access to grain-bins, too?

Ahh, yes: "True-Grit"! And, also one of MY favorite lines:"By gawd, she reminds me of---ME!"

BRUNO said...

I just realized somethin': Wow, what a braggin'-point, over WHO has the BIGGEST rats???

Now, if'n ya' wanted to compare ASSHOLES---nahh, you'd beat me at that, too---my 'roids are at "full-bloom" right now...!

kerrcarto said...

Good Cat. Eddy likes to bring his mice inside and torment them to death for a while. Then eats everything but the hind quarters.