Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More random stuff.

A few weeks back, after having lunch with a friend, Denise and I then drove over to the mall in Killeen so that Denise could return/replace the purse I'd bought her a few months ago.

She's had two of these purses since I've known her. The first one came apart steadily, even after I resewed the straps together. Now, after a very short time, the straps on this new purse are also coming apart. I resewed them, trying to do a more durable job this time, but I don't think it'll last.

That thing just isn't put together well. Key parts, like the straps that the handles attach to, are made from some kind of cheap, crappy material, rather than leather. It feels almost like rubber, reinforced with string. Piece of Shit! But she loves the hell out of that purse.

Well, they didn't have another one like it, so we'll have to keep this one together as long as we can. I joked with Denise at the store... "Well, stop swingin' it at me so much, and it'll last longer!" Funny thing too. We were talkin' to the gal behind the desk and she starts to look at me like she recognizes me. When she hears my voice she asks me if I teach on Ft. Hood. Turns out she's one of my former students. She asked me if I was still teaching out there. I didn't want to cut loose with the full melodrama there in the store, so I let it go. I looked at Denise and she says "Another one eh?" Yep, they're all over the place.

A few days later I went to PetSmart and got a treat for my cousin' Sues cats. I found this thing years ago, and my cats have gone through about a half dozen of them. It's a little toy mouse, with a chip and battery in it that makes it chirp whenever it's moved.

When Susie got these two little cuties, I knew they'd love one, so, after dinner one day (it was Labor Day, a trip to the Texas Roadhouse), I drove us all by the store and sure enough, they still have them on sale. I brought the toy home, tossed it on the stairs, and the rest is history.

Since then, the cats have continued to enjoy the thrill of the kill, and Moms older cats have joined in as well. Of course, my little children still enjoy the real thing, as you've recently seen here. Nothing like the panicked chirp, the struggle, the last desperate kicks and wiggles, and then, of course, the taste of... Well, you know what I'm talkin' about. That's why my cats are healthier and happier than any of the other felines in the family. They actually have access to the goods. Living off the rez, as they say, to the neighbors endless torment. But nature will out. Cheers.


Shrinky said...

Has Denise not taught you yet, that's a HANDBAG, a purse is something you keep your money in, like a wallet! Those kitties are so cute, I can see they love that new toy.

BRUNO said...

If my wife EVER starts carryin' a purse, I'll demand a DNA-check, to make sure it's really her!

That having been said, though: When it comes to going somewhere for an extended-period of time, and "certain-personal-goods"(usually MINE!)are needing carried---she'll break-out a zippered-leather "fanny-pack".(As a plus, the "webbing" makes her look a whole-lot, um-m-m---"different", when it's snappped-together!)

Ya' need to get-rid of those split-rings at the pivot-points, for one thing.

Here's a suggestion: Seriously now---have you ever considered adapting a set of horse-reins, with REAL-leather straps, and seamless turnbuckles, to the application?

FHB said...

Shrinky - Yea, she tries. I just keep usin' my Yankee terminology, to her endless annoyance.

Bruno - Yea, the next time it breaks I'll fix it with some thick leather straps. It's the short straps that attach the rings to the "handbag" that are the issue. Easy enough.