Thursday, September 04, 2008

By popular demand, and just because...

If you read the comments on my last post, maybe you clicked over and saw Chucks post about goin' to Gatlinburg in the spring of 2007. Here's the little video he posted showing a minute or two of the trip down the ski lift.

If you read my comment to his post you'll remember that I talk about going down a cement slide one summer at a ski lodge in Colorado. Well, they have one just like it at Uber Gatlinburg. We didn't take that ride though. It was very tempting, but we saved it for next time.

Also in the comments on my last post, you might have read an emotional plea from Bruno for more car shots. So, before he busts what's left of that gut, here are more shots from Star Cars. See if you can ID therm. OK, some are easy. For instance...

Herbie, ya fat bastard! Where've ya been?

No tellin'. Maybe some Bond flick?



No tellin'.

Again... Duh!

Triple X? I know, never saw it ether.


Where's Andie?



Yea, postin' this one again. Too cool for school.

Who ya gonna call?


Even David Hasselhoff looks life-like in this one.

No tellin'.


Charley's Angels?

The Beach Boys. They signed this one, on the hood.

Aaaaaand? Yep, you guessed it...

See that TCB decal on the door? THE KING!

Bob Hope's Buick?

Sinatra's Jag?

That stupid Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where he goes to Mars.

The Munsters! Now that's cool!

No tellin'.

Shaken, not stirred.

Ooooooooo, me LOVES the T-Rex.

And there was this one thing that stood out, kinda out of place.

Here's the sign that went with it. That's it, layin' on the edge of the side car.

Kinda cool eh?

So, hope you enjoyed the little tour. Cheers.


J said...

How fun was that? I am totally jealous. I remember going somewhere like that with my dad when I was a kid.

To answer some of your ??'s the second car is from the (remake) movie 'The Italian Job'.

#5 looks like it could be the time machine from the 1960 move 'Time Machine' based on the book by H.G. Wells.

The one under the Munsters car reminds me of The Beverly Hillbillies...but I am sure I am mistaken.

Thanks for the tour!

Chuck said...

Love the cars! But I like that video better! That's my two kids in the chair in front. Glad my daughter got over that black hair dying phase.

Hammer said...

Reminds me of the imperial palace in vegas. cool stuff!

BRUNO said...

Yes!!! The masses have spoken!!!

LOVED the ol' "goat"! Buddy of mine had one a long-while back. Damn did it run! And, damn, did it wreck pretty---took FIVE wooden fence posts, and about 60-feet of barbed wire to stop it. And only one WEEK to re-build it!

The flat-fender Mil-jeep might be from The Dirty Dozen, that looks like WW2 markings, instead of Korea-era. But there's a good chance I might be totally wrong, too...?

Becky said...

I think the Mini Cooper might have been The Italian Job. the Mello Yellow is from Days of Thunder. That's all I got from the ones you weren't sure about -- it was cool to see the pictures though!

Suldog said...

I think the real old-timer is from "My Mother, The Car."

You mentioned the cement slide deal. Have one of those up in New Hampshire, at Attitash. Great fun! Kind of a junior league bobsled/luge, without the snow and ice.

pat houseworth said...

Great Camera Work!