Friday, September 05, 2008

Well, it's Friday again.

The week went well, for the most part. I turned in that application for that job in San Saba, and the administrators will probably tell me when to come in for the interview next week.

Denise started an exercise class today at the gym on the main campus. She was in there today with a friend in a whole room full of folks riding stationary bikes. Says her legs and ass is sore! She's sleepin' it off on the couch as I type this. I'm proud as hell of her. She's got another class, some sort of aerobics, starting some time soon. Makes me feel bad about not liftin' a lazy finger to get any real exercise, but my teaching schedule has me worn out most of the time.

We've been tryin' to save money this week by cooking and eatin' in rather than goin' out to one or the other of our regular haunts. She cooked a wonderful meal in the crock pot early in the week and I roasted some pork ribs and taters yesterday. I covered them in pepper and lots of other spices, honey, butter and wine, and slowly baked them in the oven at 250 for about 4 hours. The meat fell off the bone, and came out with a wonderful flavour. Mmmmmmm.

Denise was lookin' on the web last night after dinner and found the web site for her grandson's high school. He started school as a freshman this semester in Kentucky and is on the football team. You know it drives Denise nuts that she can't be there to cheer him on. She clicked on the link for the football team and found this shot of the boys in their official glory.

That's her grandson Bryce, a brand new freshman, standing second from the left, second row from the front. They won their first game, something like 33 to 30. So far they have him suitin' up for games but he hasn't played yet.

Speakin' of that, we plan to try to go to a high school football game again tonight. My kids down in Florence are playin' a home game against the team from Crawford, but we may just decide to go to Academy and watch dad's old team. It's closer and more convenient.

The plan is to take mom to eat at the new Olive Garden they just opened in Temple, and then hit the road to find a game. Mom's doin' fine, by the way. She seems to be making a smooth transition since dad's death, but that may just be what she lets me see. My sisters bullshit may in fact have given her something else to think about since dad died. Who knows. I talk to her a few times a week and she seems OK. She finally got the last of the money the government owed her from the messy transition (figuring out her new pension, etc.) at dad's death, and that made her happy. She doesn't respond well when things are up in the air.

Our plan is to take it easy this weekend. Relax! So, you guys take care. Try to relax too. I'll have another road trip post for ya Saturday mornin'. Take it easy this weekend and we'll talk on the other side of it. Cheers.


Chuck said...

They're all decked out in Kentucky Wildcat colors. Wonder if that's intentional. I love watching High School football. Too bad my daughter's HS team sucks so bad.

I'll be in Houston in a couple weeks. How far is that from y'all?

pat houseworth said...

Have a great weekend brother...I'm off on a 40 mile trip to officiate a JV game tomorrow morning at 10AM....the season is now in full swing, so I'll stop by when I can.