Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunday dinner with mom.

Mom told us Friday night when we took her out to dinner that she had a roast thawing and was plannin' to put together a feed over the weekend. It turned out she got busy Saturday and never got around to it. That was OK though. We were kinda busy with stuff Saturday too.

We were mostly busy sleepin' in, layin' around and bein' lazy. We were expectin' to wake up to the nasty weather that IKE was supposed to give us. We figured we'd spend the weekend layin' around listenin' to the rain pitter patter on the roof, or somethin' like that, but we didn't get it. We got up late and turned on the TV and watched the news, thanking providence that the high winds decided to blow off to our east and north and passed us by.

Mom called at some point to tell us that the roast was in the oven and everything would be ready by 6PM.

When we arrived, Häagen-Dazs and daiquiri fixin's in hand (we know what she likes), the smells were wafting through the house and the garlic bread was about to be put in the oven to heat.

Denise went right into the task at hand. She's always in charge of the mixed slushy drinks. Mom's got a great blender, and Denise loves to play with it.

Mom always fixes a salad on these occasions. She wants me to eat something green now and then. She loves to whip them up herself, tossin' together her own dressing. It's made with diet mayonnaise, celery seeds, sugar and salad vinegar. All those flavors mix together beautifully.

This is just the beginning. A nice light salad with some of that home made dressing spread over it, and a little tipple, some frozen wonderfulness, to help it all go down smoothly.

By the time I finished the salad and killed off the first round of Daiquiris mom had given us the signal that dinner was served. Of course it's self-serve here, and the cook gets the first go.

Here's the main event. I love those taters and that bread, and I always put some BBQ sauce on the beef, to spice it up a bit. I've been doin' that for as long as anyone can remember. Mom's used to it, so she doesn't get insulted. Good stuff!

And this is the damage. After the main meal there's the frozen lemon meringue pie. Then there's the couch. The slouch on the couch, The TV remote, and the tradition of pulling back the t-shirt to expose said "damage".

What? You HAVE read the blog title, right? Don't you wanna touch it? Aw come on. It's nice 'n cooshy. Go on...

Say hello to... THE BELLY! Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Yep, always gets the desired effect. "Jeffrey Laverne Wilson...!" You know you're in trouble when she busts out with all three names. Been sendin' a chill through me for decades now.

Denise is easily embarrassed, but if she hangs with me long enough she'll eventually get used to it. "COVER UP THAT DAMN THING, YOU CHEEKY SOD!"

Yep, it was another fun family evening, and there's another comin' up. More about that tomorrow. Cheers!


Mushy said...

What a wonderful post family post yet!

However, that big hairy hole is quite scary!

BRUNO said...

Yeah, be sure and keep the area AROUND that hairy-hole trimmed and OPEN---it works like those relief-valves on LP tanks! Kinda like the "Last Great Act Of Defiance"...!

pat houseworth said...

(1) YOU eating a salad? I'm Shocked.

(2) Don't go wearing any mid-drift shirts on us....don't want my eyes to catch on fire.

Chuck said...

Mmmmm hairy hole...oh, wait. Sorry Mushy got me carried away there for a minute.

Dude! The belly...LOL Seriously, we could be brothers....well, I'd be the much younger brother, but it could be. We got the gut going on!

H2o said...

OMG... I can't stop laughing. You're something else.

Jerry said...

Maybe you should get a tattoo like this one:

Christina LMT said...

It looks like a doughnut...albeit a hairy one!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Mushy - Thanks man. And yea, it scares me too.

Bruno - Yea buddy. Smoothe and slippery, just in case.

Pat - Dude, I eat salad all the time, just so long as it's slathered in dressing and stuff.

Chuck - Yea dude! Every good farmer knows to build a sturdy shed over his best tool!

H2O - Thanks. I'm tryin'' to be.

Jerry - Yep, that one would work. My canvas is certainly big enough.

Christina - Eeeeew, now that's gross.