Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Friday feed with Mom.

Got to Mom's place Friday evening and noticed that the leaves on her tree had turned and one of her plants was still pretty in the front yard, so I decided to try to use the Macro setting on the camera to capture it all.

Not sure what this is, but it's always beautiful, sittin' in a pot by her front door.

I tried to get right up close to these leaves. I think it turned out
OK. Next, I need to get right up to them and see how clear the shot is.

I would have done it last Friday, but I was distracted. You see, Mom had whipped up a batch of her famous fried chicken for dinner. We'd decided to eat in this Friday.

She'd cooked fried chicken, tater wedges, french bread, broccoli and peas, and there was cranberry sauce there for me. Wonderful!

Not only that, but when we arrived she'd already had the blender out and the Strawberry Daiquiris were ready. Thing is, she'd made a little boo boo, using about twice the amount of rum, So they were stout! Denise put a bit more ice in there and tried to dilute it as bit.

In the end, it all turned out great. We sat in her living room and chowed down. I think I had about three of those drinks.

After chowin' down, I abused Mom's yellow cat. He loves it when I grab him and squeeze him. Growls the whole time, but doesn't do much to try to escape. He's just a growler.

As Mom cleaned the kitchen, her big Main Coon came out from hiding. He's only barely socialized, so he doesn't let other folks near. He saved their house once though.

Dad had put a pan of grease on the stove on high, thinking he'd turned it off, and when it burst into flame, this cat came to get mom, who was sitting in her chair in the bedroom. She grabbed a fire extinguisher out of the cabinet and put the fire out. They got a new kitchen out of it.

Also, after dinner I hooked up mom's old, antique sewing machine.

She'd found a place that would fix the peddle on it, and I was tasked with getting it all plugged back in. No problem. Mom showed me how to use this thing when I was a kid. I've always been fascinated with the gears, tryin' to figure out how the thing worked. I used it once to sew a zipper on an old down comforter, turning it into a sleeping bag. I took that bag on many canoe trips, and I took it out on the ships with me. It kept me warm when the friggin' Navy was tryin' to freeze my ass.

I also got this shot of this funky cat toy mom's picked up for her babies. There's a nob on one end that controls the rod with the thingy on it. The nob sets the rod to spin, wavin' the thingy, dingy ball, thingy, around in a tantalizing way... if you're a cat. Trust me, it works.

After dinner, Denise and I went to the mall for a while, Christmas shopping. One task mother'd given me was to get her another universal remote for the TV in her bedroom. We stopped at Radio Shack and got one, then stopped back by Moms and I programmed it for her. She called me yesterday to tell me she loved it. Success!

Saturday was Gun Show fun and great food at Pappasito's, but I'll cover that in the next post. Cheers!


BRUNO said...

Is that Singer an electric conversion from a foot-treadle, or was it factory-equipped with a motor?

Either way, it was made in the days when COMMERCIAL duty, and HOUSEHOLD use weren't considered a separate assembly line at the Singer plants IN THE U.S.A....!

FHB said...

It's made this way. It';s supposedly a very nice model. An anniversary model. The guys that show up to do work on it always want to buy it from her.

Pat Houseworth said...


Another good post, and I liked that leaf photo....took awhile for my eyes to adjust to it.

Mushy said...

Love the shots man...you're evolving!

One day, one day soon, you'll be a Neanderthal just like me!