Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Went to Austin last Saturday.

Like I said, Saturday was taken up with a trip to Austin. Gun Show fun and good food at Pappasito's. Originally it was just gonna be Denise and I, but she told a friend from work we were plannin' to go. Next thing I know this friend and her husband are goin' along. We're droppin' Denise and her friend Karen off at the outlet mall in Round Rock and then her husband Rick and I are goin' to the Show.

Got a few shots of some interesting stuff at the show. This is some sort of clip fed shotgun. You tell me. That's an AR-15 knock off in front of it. Looks like it shoots .308 or somethin'.

This is a .50, all broken down in it's case. I suspect that you won't see stuff like this for sale too much longer, what with the gun grabbers in power again. That's an M-14 there in front, and there's some nice, now very expensive AKs at the top of the shot. I will miss seein' them. End of an era. Very sad.

We drowned our sorrows over the sorry state of the body politic with beer and margaritas at Pappasito's. Karen and Rick had never been there before. It's always fun to take virgins down there and introduce them to the wonders of the spicy beef queso and such. It's fun to see the look in their eye when they bite into that dip for the first time.

I tell ya, the four of us went through that stuff in record time. Before you knew it you were down to crumbs in the chip basket and lookin' for the little swishy waiter to sashay his ass over with another one.

None of the others were shrimp eaters, which meant that I couldn't introduce them to the excellent bacon wrapped delights of the brochette shrimp. That's it there, with one sitting, marinading in the butter and white wine sauce. Of course, them not bein' shrimp eaters meant I didn't have to share, which was a good thing.

Denise went for the chicken fajitas this time...

While Rick and I went for the combination enchiladas. One chicken and one beef, smothered in their special sauces. Wonderful stuff. Of course, lookin' at this shot, it all looks kinda mixed up. That's because I dove in when the plate arrived and didn't remember to get a shot till one of the enchiladas was almost gone. I shoved the rice over into the sauce that was left to get all of it. Waste not, want not, someone said.

After the food we all went to Highland Mall to walk it off and try to get some more Christmas shopping done. I hadn't been there in many years. Turns out it's gotten very run down since I was there last. Lots of stores are closing, and the place has gone ghetto. I guess the white folks in Austin must have found a different place to shop.

Good news, there's a F.Y.E. Music store there that's having a going out of business sale. I got several CDs and a few DVDs there that I'd been lookin' for. The Black Keys, Grinderman, Joe Bonnamassa Live, and a Dickey Betts thing from the late 70s.

When we got back home I spread some of the spoils out on the computer desk and took pictures. That's about a hundred bucks worth of Bulgarian clips... three 30 round clips and one 40.

I saw several irreverent t-shirts I was dyin' to buy, but I was a good boy. I just spent $2 on this bumper sticker. Can't wait to get it scanned and on the sidebar here, and on my bumper. Love it.


Lin said...

Merry Christmas, lil bro!!! Give Denise and mom a big bear hug for me, too.

My but you have good taste in bumper stickers ... ya take after my own heart.

Sarge Charlie said...

Proud to be and ass hole, very good, mery Christmas

Jerry said...

Merry Christmas, FHB & Denise (and Mom too). Hope to see you in January on my next trip to TX.

Mushy said...

The shrimp and the vibrating chairs look the best...I could use both!

Scott said...

Was the Dickey Betts CD "Highway Call"? Great disk with Vassaar Clements on fiddle. My favorite is "Hand Picked".