Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saw some cool stuff on the way to San Saba the other day.

Stopped at a local stop-n-rob here on the way back to work one day. You know, I have about three hours to kill here on Mondays and Wednesdays. Spend most of it here at the library on their nice computers, tryin' to get stuff done.

Anyway, I was on my way back to work one day when I stopped to take a piss and get a Dew. I came walkin' out and a truck had parked next to my car. When I went by I glanced in the back and guess what I saw?

"Holy shit", I thought. "That's an RPG... and a Ma Deuce?" I hadn't even noticed the welded mount sitting in the bed. The digital cammo bag could be a big clue, but you can get that stuff almost anywhere now.

I was surprised, to say the least. But then when I looked closely I realized that both were fake, designed for training purposes. There must be somethin' goin' on from Ft. Hood.

As I backed out I saw the OPFOR sign painted on the right side of the bumper (click to enlarge). Aaaaa, so they must be doing training out here somewhere. I'd seen choppers from the base from time to time, Apache gunships flyin' over the scrub as I drove down 190. That must be what they're up to. Help train the chopper guys to be able to recognize the rag heads in trucks tryin' to lay an ambush.

Of course, my very first though was "I wanna play!" Hell, I've got blanks for my AK. Why not?

Anyway, this last weekend was very relaxing. Denise and I went to eat Chinese food Friday after Mom begged off. She'd been busy all day and worn herself out, so she didn't feel up to it. We went over there after dinner and enjoyed her company anyway. She brought out the Chateaus Monet and we enjoyed a little tipple.

We found out when we got there that she'd picked up a little toy for her cats. It's a motorized thing that tosses a fuzzy ball around on a string. She'd put the batteries in wrong, so I fixed the issue and got it working. The cats were freaked out by it at first, and then fascinated.

After the road trip last weekend it felt really good to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday and rest. We went to a Christmas party Saturday night, but that was all the excitement we had.

Now the temperatures had gone south on us, down to freezing, and we're lookin' forward to bein' able to use the fireplace. Light up a little blaze, lay down the sheep skin rug and get a snuggle goin'. Mmmmm, good times.

This is finals week at school. I gave two this morning in Florence. I'll give another down there tomorrow, two more on Wednesday here in San Saba and then Three on Thursday. I'll be done in Florence after tomorrow, so I'll be able to sleep in the rest of the week.

Found out today that the principal at the prison here in San Saba is putting on a big feed Thursday afternoon. He says he'll have all sorts of Cajun stuff. Lots of shrimp, sausage and gumbo. It should be cool. I'll run by and scoop up a meal before I have to head to Ft. Hood to give my last exams. I'll be sure and take pictures.

Anyway, I'm off. You guys have a great week and we'll chat later. Cheers!


Mushy said...

I think I would have been mischievous enough to call 911! "Hell, I didn't know...could have been a damn terrorist for all I knew!"

Personally, I think the fools should have been responsible enough in this day and time to not bring that crap off base - fake or not!

Used to swivel around a turret stand like that in the back of a Kaiser Jeep! Felt like the old "Rat Patrol" hanging on to that M-60!

BRUNO said...

I agree with Mushy---at least tarp the damned things! No need to invite trouble!

But, I guess some of 'em are "just kids"---like we USED TO BE...!