Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

But I figure I need to post somethin' so the few people who still click over here now and then won't think I'm dead, piled up in a smoky heap on 183 or somethin'.

I think I told you last week that I'd started working again, teaching in Florence and San Saba. Well, that's all goin' down smooth. No problems. Well, none worth talkin' about anyway.

This week I'll start two more classes on Ft. Hood. That'll be eight classes in all. Naaa, it's not that much. I'm used to it.

I started playin' pool again last Thursday night. This time it's a Nine Ball league. Different rules, but mostly still the same fun folks. I lost, of course. They put me up against some little spindly dude that no one had ever seen before, who turned out to be REALLY good.

In a situation like that I don't feel bad about loosing. It's all in fun anyway. I mean, I did have a good time. Lots of good friends, two good cigars and three Coronas, not that I'm counting. I will meet that mother fucker again' though, and we WILL play another round. Did I say I didn't mind loosing? Sheeeeiiiitttt!

In my spare time, Denise and I have been busy cleanin' the house. It's too easy, as much as we both work, to let things go and end up livin' in a pig sty. So I've spent the last week or so goin' through lots of old boxes and piles, shredding old exams and papers and throwin' stuff away.

I took a bunch of old school stuff out to the base... old test banks and support materials for text books... so the folks out there could shred and incinerate them, and I brought a box of books to the library here in Saba today to get rid of them.

The house is lookin' a bit tidier now, and my main desk is no longer under such a huge pile of crap. of course, it's my nature to "collect" things, so I'm sure the pile will reappear in time. They always do.

Anyway, I do have the pictures from Christmas to show you, but I haven't posted them to FlickR yet. I can't do that here from the library computer, so maybe I'll be able to get it done tonight, or later this week. One way or the other, it'll get it done this week.

In the meantime, an old friend emailed me this video. If you're a gear head and love these old planes (and I know you do), maybe you'll love this as much as I did. Enjoy.


BRUNO said...

I didn't even know U-2's were still in service! Figured they'd found something "new"! Although according to the pilot, they have done a complete re-fit of the equipment.

Damn, I don't see how ANYONE can remember all that techo-jargon---let alone bet your LIFE on it!

Think I'll just stick with being an "armchair" participant....!

Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well. I love your blog! Thank you so much!!!

FHB said...

Bruno - Yea man, I guess that's why you and I stayed on the ground. Too many bells and whistles.

Leon - No problems man. Any time. Glad you came around.

Pat Houseworth said...

thank gawd for e-mail and facebook, or would have thought you lost....

thanks for the vid....good stuff.