Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday stuff, and a new twist.

First off, I want to explain why I haven't been around here as much in the last few weeks... hell, the last month. Well, I've been workin' on somethin'. Started it back in early December, right after comin' home from that Gun Show in Nashville.

The mind started to wander off as I was drivin' back down I-40 towards Texas. Next thing I knew the normal ravings of my imagination had taken a seemingly more solid form. A story started to come together in my head, and when I got home I started to write it down.

I tell you what, tryin' to write this stuff down has finally given me an appreciation for all the stuff I didn't study in grade school, like spelling and punctuation. Hell, anyone who's read enough of my stuff over the years probably doesn't need to be told what a dolt I am. Thank God for spell check, is all I'm sayin'.

Anyway, I've policed up the stuff I've written so far, revised and fleshed it out just about the way I want it, and set it up in a new blog. It's an ongoing story, only maybe a third finished. Having played with it enough for now, wanting to get going with the rest of the story, I've decided to let more of you in on it before I move forward. So, click over there and see what you think.

I had an epiphany this morning, driving out here to San Saba, and I think I know how the rest of the story is gonna go. It's gonna be juicy stuff. Lots of blood and guts. Should be fun to write, and I hope, fun to read.

If you know enough about me, and about some of the people in my life, then you'll probably come to recognize some of the characters in the story. let's just say, I've stolen liberally from life and art, and changed the facts around to make them work, and to make everything more fun. I tell ya, it's been a huge blast, putting all this stuff together. It continues to be. Hopefully, you'll like it too.

So, go check it out. Leave comments if you want, or you can email me. Go ahead and tell me how stupid you think it is, and how basic my command of the English language is. And if anything fails to ring true to you, go ahead and say so. Any help you can give towards realism will be deeply appreciated. Having said all that, this baby is mine, and I'm the only one who really needs to like it. So there... But I hope you do like it.

Now, on another front, I made my last payment on my land today. 17 acres, south of Killeen on HWY 195. Paid off a 15 year note in 6! Very happy at that. Now, if I can only sell it, I'd make enough in profit to pay off about 90% of my other bills. Torn though. Part of me wants to keep it and wait for the price per acre to go up even more. We'll see.

Denise and I had a great time this last weekend. Very relaxed and fun. But the next one will probably prove to be hell on wheels. My sister is finally moving most of her crap into storage and moving herself into the upstairs room in my Mothers house! This is NOT something I'd like to see happen. But she's been totally unable to find a job of any kind that would allow her to pay her own rent, and mom just isn't willing to pay the grand a month it takes to keep little sis in the comfort that she has become accustomed to.

If you've read any of my past rants about my sister, then you know that the chances are pretty good that this is NOT gonna end well. But, I realized a long time ago that there's NOTHING I can do about any of it. So, I'll just stand by, ready to haul boxes and fix things. I tell ya, it's times like these that make me glad my job keeps me so friggin' busy.

Anyway, I'm off. Gonna go back to the other blog and write some more crap down. I tell ya, it's just flowin' out of me these days. Take care. Cheers!


Suldog said...

Got your e-mail concerning the new stuff, and I'm going to give it a good read at a more leisurely time. I'll definitely let you know what I think. Thanks for asking.

Pat Houseworth said...

The new digs look good, I'll be adding them to my FAV column.

Anonymous said...

Proud of you for the payoff! Beats me. I was just proud to have paid off my Camry in far less than the time it was financed for. But, I'm growing up financially too.
You're right. There's nothing you can do about what your Mom is willing to do. I hope they are happy living together. Take Care! Belle

Christina LMT said...

I thought your sister moved to Oklahoma to take a job there? What did I miss?

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I'll be following for sure. Addming it to my favs.

FHB said...

Sully and Pat - Thanks guys. It's just for fun now, but maybe some day I'll be able to whip it into somethin'. Any feedback from you good writers is welcomed.

Belle - Yea, thanks. I'm proud of it too. Now, if I can only sell it!

Christina - Sis went up but didn't get the job. Since then she's been turned down by everyone. Even the local grocery store.

Old Soldier - Again, thanks man. I hope everyone likes it.