Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A night off, and a sleep in, kinda.

The weather stepped in last night and gave me the evening off. Got the word as my San Saba classes were ending. The classes on the base were being canceled due to the threat of ice on the roads.

We had about three days in the 80s last week, but then the norther blew in, and with it some slight precipitation. So by Tuesday night it was droppin' down into the 20s and I was building a nice blaze in the fire place.

That gave Denise and I the chance to enjoy a real night at home together during the week, which is usually a treat of the weekend. I got home first, a few hours before she did, so I got the fire goin' and started dinner.

She picked up some pork chops the other night, but we weren't expecting to be able to cook them for a few more days. I busted out the skillet, tossed in some butter, pepper, and some sweet white whine, covered it and set the burner on medium.

We also did some green beans for her. OK, I had some too.

Turned out really good. I thought maybe I'd cooked them a little long, but Denise said they were delish. Who can argue?

Denise also whipped up some good, buttery cheese sauce and I boiled some Rotini noodles to throw into it.

Mmmmm, good. Toss on some fresh pepper and it was good to go. Have some in the fridge for left-overs too. I doubt it survives the night.

Good lookin' eh? You should have tasted it. That's some left-over Chinese stir fry there, heated up in it's sauce and poured over the finished chops. I know, I shouldn't post this stuff. It's just wrong.

That wasn't the half of it though. Denise introduced me to something called a Kahlua and Cream the other day. Last night was my first attempt to make them. You see the ingredients here.

And this is the end result. Tastes like a ice cream float, but with a kick. Wonderful. And yep, somehow in all this orgy of gastronomic goodness, I lost my shirt. You know, that'll happen.

It turned out the ice was mostly west of here, so the morning classes today were only delayed. I had to go down to Florence for about 40 minutes, and then did my drive to Saba. The sun is out, and everything here is back to normal.

Hope the weather is treatin' you nice. Cheers!


Shrinky said...

It's the unexpected treat like this that makes life all the sweeter, huh? That log fire looks awesome (and you don't fool anyone, we ALL know why your shirt is off..)


Pat Houseworth said...

Lookin good....the food that is.

Ranger Tom said...

Sounds like you had a great evening in! Even here in Southern Florida we got well below freezing last week and going to do it again this weekend.

Great to see you're still around!

tsduff said...

I just love a happy blog with pictures :)

AirmanMom said...

Yummy! Looks like a nice evening!


FHB said...

Shrinky - My pleasure. Love all the pictures. You've come out of your shell.

Pat - Yea, I know. Why do you think i chose the title?

RT - Dude, what a surprise!

Duff - Me too. Glad to have you around.

AirmanMom - Thanks! It was.