Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday afternoon, and I'm back in Saba.

The First World War turned out the way it usually does in class today. The bad guys lost, and then again the bad guys won too. But when it was all over I rolled out of the jail and into the Dairy Mart for my regular Monday afternoon meal.

The girls down there make a mean Jalapeno Sourdough Bacon-cheeseburger, but we've talked.

Now and then I splurge with ether a large order of fries or a basket of onion rings, but this time I went for the regular fries and a medium Dr. Pepper. You know, tryin' to eat healthy... Yea, whatever.

As usual, it was over way too soon. I need to try to train myself not to inhale my food. Make the good times last a bit longer. It usually seems to be no time at all between this basket of gastronomic delight sliding down in front of me and the last gulp and swallow. Sad. Very sad.

Now I'm back at the library, checkin' emails and blogs, tryin' to keep up with all of you that post every day, or three to five friggin' times a day. Jesus people, give me a friggin' break! You know who you are.

I'll head back over to the jail in an hour or so and spend about fifteen or twenty minutes chit chatting with the guys... that is, the guards and other teachers, and then I'll rehash the First World War one more time. Then, having taken these wide eyed innocents (NOT!) about mid way into the 1920s, I'll be checking out of San Saba for a week of fun in the Great White North.

My plane leaves Austin at about 4:55 PM tomorrow, headed for Syracuse New York. My cousin Bob and his buds will swing by there Wednesday morning and pick me up, and then we'll drive on to our regular Canadian fishing hole. The lake we fish on is just outside the beautiful little town of Gananoque, Ontario. The town sits on the St' Lawrence river, but the lake we fish on is up stream on a small river, North of the big water.

The place we stay at is beautiful, but they don't have a web site, so I can't show you a link. But you can go here and see some pictures from past years fishing trips.

Mostly, this trip gives me a chance to hang with my cousin Bob, who's become like a brother to me over the last decade or so. It's too bad we live so far apart, or we'd be gettin' in a LOT more trouble than we do.

Here's a shot from the last day of last years trip. It was sunny and warm, as it usually is up there when we go. But this year may be different. Bob sent me a text message this morning warning me that they were predicting temps in the 60s during the day and 40s at night, with a few days of rain and a few of sun.

So, I'll head home tonight and start to lay out a nice range of gear. Thankfully, all I have to think about is clothes. Bob has enough fishing gear for several people. Kinda like me and guns, though I think the squad I fit out would eat better than his. I did tell him I'd bring him some good cigars to smoke. We'll probably end up tradin'... a few of my good mail order smokes for a few of his Cubans. We'll see.

Anyway, I'll fly back Sunday afternoon, and then I'll be right back here to tell you all about it. Y'all try to have a great week while I suffer though all that weather and stuff. Cheers!


JDP said...

Have a great trip. Hope the fish are hungry.


Mushy said...

Have a great time brother and mail me one of those burgers!