Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth folks!

Happy birthday America! I hope everyone has a great time. I'm gonna try to. Plans are to go to the parade in Belton this morning and see some of my relatives. It's always a fun and emotional experience. I'm sure I'll tear up when the soldiers from Ft. Hood march by. I always do.

Then I'm gonna try to hook up with some friends who are supposed to be involved in a chili cook-off somewhere in Temple. I can't imagine standing around a drum full of red hot charcoal in the friggin' 100 degree heat, but this is Texas, by God, and we do that shit.

Then there's the pool party at a friends house out in the country south of Killeen. I could very well spend much of the day drinking, eating and swimming in a nice salt water pool. Then we'll watch the fireworks on Ft. Hood to end the day.

So, you have a great day my friends. Try not to think about all the problems we have now. Remember how dark things were in the summer of 1776, as the British were beating Washington and his fledgling army like red headed step children, from one end of Long Island to the other and then through New Jersey.

We've been through tough times before, and faced worse enemies than this current group of fools. In the end, our national character has always shined. It still does. You'll see it shining in the eyes of those old folks and veterans who rise up to watch as this generations young heroes walk those beautiful flags on by.

God bless all of them, and all of you. Cheers!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

have a wonderful day. that photo made me cry. where is the respect?

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

what miss bee said, you see, her knows what it is all about. Happy fourth my friend.

Mushy said...

Not sure yet how my day will go, but I do wish you and yours a Happy 4th!

PRH....... said...

Had a baseball filled 4th of July weekend....

And despite Barack Obama being the tanned version of Jimmy Carter, I still have hope for this country to prevail.