Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Went up to Dave's place and did some shootin' this mornin'.

Even ol' Red had more sense than to go out in the summer heat, but we were on a mission.

It was gonna be hot today (it's hovering around 100 as I type this), so we decided to start the shoot early. I got up to Dave's place, northwest of Gatesville, around 8:30 AM.

By the time the other guys got there and we started to head out to his back 40 it was 80 degrees and rising, in of the shade of his porch. But, again, we were on a mission.

My reason for coming was to finally get a chance to shoot my AR-15. I've had it for months, but haven't had a chance to throw any lead, so I was lookin' forward to it.

I also wanted to see some of my friends more recent acquisitions. My buddy Joe Reeves here had recently picked up his class 3 papers and a sawed off 12 gage. Note the chest rig of shells. There flechete and friggin' flamethrower shells in there. Lets just say... he's a bit overzealous, but he means well. He's also got a brand new M-4 carbine there that he'd yet to shoot. So it was gonna be a fun day, even if we'd end up sweatin' like slaves by the end of it.

Another friend, and another Joe, Joe Walker, had a new Civil War cavalry carbine to try out. And when I say "new", I mean new to him. It's a fifty caliber Maynard cavalry carbine. I think he said he payed $1300 for it. Some Yankee cavalry soldier used this thing in the war.

Joe had had to clean it up so that it would fire, so this was his day to test it.

It worked beautifully. We all got to take turns with it. I really enjoyed handlin' such a cool piece of history.

Joe and Dave worked on it, tryin' to figure out how to shoot it strait. The sights are offset a bit, so it's kinda weird.

I blasted away with it. Huge fun. A friggin' .50 that's the size of a kids bb gun. Amazing.

The think I really love is how these old guns break open. If I ever have the money I might need to let my collection drift in this direction.

While Joe worked on his carbine, Dave took out his .357 and started blasting away with it. Again, we all took a turn.

Joe Walker had another little pistol he wanted to shoot. I love that 'birds head" grip. It fit's so well in my hand.

Of course, the time eventually came for me to take "it" out. Now, get your mind out of the gutter!

We were puzzled a bit when the first two rounds failed to go off. We decided that the firing pin might have been stuck from sitting on a shelf for a while. Who knows? Anyway, I pulled back on the charging handle and let it slam back harder into the gun, and from the third round on it blasted away like a charm. And it produced a decent palm sized group, with a few stragglers here and there. I was happy. Very happy.

But we were all interested in seein' that sawed-off in action.

I was inspired to strike a pose... my Bruno pose. Joe took it up close to the targets and I got the following action on video. Sorry, no sound, but you can imagine for yourself what it was like.

He let me have a go too, but I decided to shred some rocks and trees in stead of doing any more damage to Dave's back stop. It was fun, but I think I prefer to fold up my AK and blast away with it. You know, home protection!

Then Joe blasted away a bit with his M-4. I think he emptied a clip. You know, just a bit overzealous. Aw hell, I tossed a new clip in mine and we killed some rocks and bushes. That shit is FUN, and it'd be even more fun if we got the local Sheriffs deputies to drive by again like we did the last time we were here. I need to get that stuff on film. Too funny.

Eventually even Dave took a turn with my AR. He even looked a bit more authentic, with the Boony hat and sweat soaked green shirt. He almost looks like a "Victor Charley", accept for the jeans and hearing protection. I don't guess they used that stuff back in the day.

By the time we got back to Dave's place the heat had gone up to about 90 in the shade of his porch, but the thermometer in my car said 98. Yea, it was hot.

We sat around in the shade for a bit, and Dave showed off his M-1 carbines. He's taken great care to see to it that they are authentic, with the correct parts and stocks. He's got two... one made by Winchester and the other made by... I think it's Inland. Not sure. Anyway, he's got a wealth of knowledge about these things, so I always take his word for it.

Anyway, by the time I drove home and started workin' on these pictures I was beat. It's amazing how the heat takes it right out of ya. But I've got to go. Gotta go to the store and get some pork chops for dinner. Bein' off from work like I am I've become the kitchen bitch. And you know, I loves it. It's fun as hell.

So, you guys enjoy the pictures and I'll chat with ya later. Cheers!


Hammer said...

Damn, that sounds like a fantastic day.

I'd love to take my collection into relics too.

Yeah when guns sit for a while grease and residue can block up the firing pin channel. Looks like you got it worked out.

Nice guns!

BRUNO said...

Man, I sure look GOOD lately, according to your "Bruno-Pose"! Almost like lookin' in a mirror!(Yeah, RIGHT!!!)

Well, I gotta know---how's the recoil-factor, on that cavalry carbine? Kinda short & light-framed for a---what'd you say?---a .50-cal.? I'd have guessed it to be a Govt. 45/70, or somethin'...?

FHB said...

Hammer - That'd be a huge blast. We'll have to do that some time. And yea, I bashed it a few times and presto!

Bruno - Yea brother, I make you look damn good. And it's my pleasure. As far as the kick, I don't think there was much. It was stout though, but that sawed off hurt my hand much more. That friggin' thing was nuts!

BRUNO said...

I can imagine! I like a short-sawed barrel too, well, just because???

But I need somethin' more to hold onto than the grip. An old puss like me needs that stock, just like dentures need Poli-Grip!

And, YES, you DID do me justice with that stance---more than I deserve! But I was still glad to see my "trademark" on it...!!!

kerrcarto said...

Looks like you had a blast.