Saturday, July 11, 2009

Headin' down to Austin' tonight.

We've got tickets to see the Arc Angels at Antone's tonight. It should be a blast. I'll try to get some good pictures. It'll be standing room only, and with them being such a popular local band, I'd bet it's gonna be a zoo. Can't wait!

When we saw them late last November in Dallas, they put on a great show. They saved my favorite tune of theirs for last. Here's a great version of it, from Austin City Limits. Enjoy.


kerrcarto said...

My father in law is very good freinds with Doyle Bramhall the elder. I have an album of his called Fitchburg St from 2003. Pretty good stuff. He does a good "Life By The Drop". You should check it out. The itunes store has it.

Have fun.

kerrcarto said...


FHB said...

He's a wonderful musician. Thanks for the info. I'll try to find it.