Friday, December 11, 2009

Denise finally got a Christmas list in the mail from her younger grandson Colin.

He'd told her over the phone that the list was in the mail, so she was lookin' for it. She went over to her place a few days ago to check the mail and then stuck the list on the fridge for me to see when I got home that night. Check out this list. Remember, he's 11 years old. Those of you who may be chronologically impaired (I'm not namin' any names), click on the picture to enlarge it.

Of course, the first thing I shouted about was the very first thing at the top of the list. TWO $100 prepaid visa cards. The boys got style. Hit 'em with that right off. His granddaddy (Denise's ex) gave him one of those last Christmas, so I guess he's figurin' on inflation, or the decline of the dollar. $100 doesn't go as far this year as it did last year, for an 11 yr old.

Ya gotta wade through a lot of computer game jargon there too. XBOX 360 Messenger Kit, Hypercam Gold Edition, Call of Duty World at War for computer and Modern Warfare Two, XBOX Disc Repairer, an XBOX rechargeable controller battery, etc. Then my attention was peaked. Getting through all that computer game crap, my eyes focused on something I finally recognized.

It's right there in the middle of the page. PPSh-41? "Airsoft, if existing." Are you fuckin' kidding? Aaaahahahaha! I love it. Shit, that's cool. I want one too!

Then I glance a little further down and see "Airsoft Browning M1919 (if existing)." and he ads "bipod attachment doesn't matter."

Oh, I LOVE this fuckin' kid. I really do. Damn!

I looked up that PPSh on the web. They do make them, but the friggin' things have to be custom made from a real parts set and cost about $700! Check it out.

Sheeeeit, I could get him a semi-auto version of the real thing for that. I've seen them at gun shows. They have to make the barrel longer, from 12 inches to 16, to keep it legal. This makes the gun look a little different, but check out the fun you can have with it.

The stories the same with the Airsoft M-1919. You can get one, but it has to be custom made. Here's a link to one, and here's a look at someones home made gun.

So, Merry friggin' Christmas kid! I think we'll toss somethin' together, and then in about five years we'll fly him in, like we did his brother, and let him shoot the real stuff. That should be good enough for the boy.


DirtCrashr said...

It's funny when a fake gun costs more than a real one. :-) I'd dig a Finnish Suomi that's for sure and AIM has 'em in semi-auto - but I can't because of California (magazine restriction I believe). As for the 1919 there's a guy in my club who has a couple of 'em in semi-auto. Despite the weight they move around a bunch when firing, and the kneeling firing position is kinda awkward since you can't really aim with the sights very well.

BRUNO said...

Boy ain't much on details, is he?

Surprised he didn't specify Parkerized-finish, while he was at it...

Mushy said...

A truly materialistic modern child...he'll be hard to satisfy, like most kids these days.

Gone are the days of the cardboard box!

Suldog said...

Holy Shit! That's one of the most exhaustive and detailed Christmas lists I've ever seen! Kid knows what he wants.