Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's like a friggin' video game.

The caption reads "a night hog hunt by MSGT Pinkston from USAMU. The video is from one of his weapon mounted Thermal Imaging scopes. The scope is able to feed directly to the video camera."

It's like spotlightin', only in the dark. Must have a semi-auto .308, and lot of money to toss around on scopes. Or maybe he's just preparin' himself for when the shit goes down and the folks from across town decide to come over for his TV and refrigerator. Plinkin' hogs could be good practice. I'm just sayin'.


BRUNO said...

A lot wider field of vision than that old Starlighter me and the neighbor "borrowed" several years back for coyotes. But ours was green, just like my Russian-made night-'noculars I bought cheap. Like I told Mushy once---the dust never settles on 'em! An' they got a helluva good battery life, too!

FHB said...

Your Russian stuff is that good? Send me a link, would ya. Might be cool to have.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, like I told ya' last night, I didn't pay that much for it! It's rated Grade 30, for the Angular F.O.V., if that tells ya' anything?

Honestly, I THINK I got it from that Sportsmans' Guide catalog out of MN. I just bought it on a "lark", just to play with. I should point out, mine isn't a mountable scope. It's a free-handed monocular. But, it DOES have superimposed cross-hairs, a 250-yard rangefinder, and, of course, infra-red.

It ain't nothin' like the Mil-surplus outfit the neighbor-dude had rigged to fit on an old .308. (It looked like it'd made a GREAT door-stop!) The scope was about the size of todays' standard-type video cam! I don't imagine you can buy 'em Mil-surplus anymore, they were mfg. in the '70's. I think this one used four D-cell batteries? Damned thing FELT like it weighed 20-pounds, purched up there!

Lemme scratch around today, an' I'll see if'n I can find one similar to one or the other, on "da-web"....!

PRH....... said...

Only if I had a bottle of Drambuie and a couple of good Cigars!

Mushy said...

I'll say the same thing I said on Marian's blog (a deer hunting blog that posted a photo of a stack of hogs a couple of guys killed and one "hunter" holding a piglet in his teeth while holding a beer in one hand), it's plain ass sick and gives real hunters a bad name. Just chicken shit if you ask me.

If they were real hunters they would jump from tree limbs and cut their throats with a knife like they do over in Tellico.

Mushy said...

Here's some real hog hunting:

BRUNO said...

For HOGS---I agree. Even though Missouri has a open-season on FERAL-hogs year 'round. They're gettin' outta control in the SW-part of the state.

But COYOTES? The ONLY time you'll "make a dent" in the population is in the dark. And there's generally NO running-shots, because---around here, anyway---you're almost always shooting around and between live$tock.

And ya' don't go about it drunk, and/or half-fucked in the haid, either!

Ain't for me anymore, anyhow. I used to be able to shoot the pecker off'n a gnat.

Now I can't hit the green-side of a red-barn.

The silo BEHIND the barn, YES. But not the barn...!

FHB said...

Mushy - I agree. I've always thought it'd be cool to go for a big dude like that up close with one of these... http://www.coldsteel.com/boarspear.html The old fashioned way!

There's more and more of them around here too, and yet farmers and land owners still make you pay them to kill the things.