Monday, December 21, 2009

Ever wonder what Santa does with the letters he gets from all those kids?


BRUNO said...

Totally immoral, disgusting, so---CRUEL, to be showing at Christmas! Especially about poor, innocent childrens'-letters to Santa! Have you NO dignity left?

(I'm about to wear out my right-click mouse button for replay!)

I'd ask Santa for a new mouse, but after seeing this "damning-evidence", I'm somewhat hesitant, for SOME reason?


Indeed! ALL of which are the quintessential-qualities that I expect of my friends...!

Paul said...

Why does he hop in and walk back? I bet he's got a skid mark on that shirt!

FHB said...

Bruno - I knew it was right up your alley.

Paul - Yep, rusty.

RT said...

For some reason, This Video reminds me of you.

Merry Christmas FHB.

FHB said...

RT - That's just awesome! I wanna go wherever he went to shoot the RPG!

Merry Christmas to you too man.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, that's right---I'm back here to see it again! The wife just HAD to have a copy of it...!

Michelle H. said...

Well, at least Santa recycles. I'll give him credit for that. Makes a person feel better if it's good for the environment.