Sunday, December 06, 2009

Remember the Kid down in Florence who was makin' chain mail?

Here's the first post, and here's the last post about it. Maybe you need to refresh your memory.

Well, he came into class week before last, wearin' the stuff. Looks cool don't it? He even went over part of it with some kind of perma blue to darken it. There's no way to unlatch it to put it on or take it off. He just tossed it over his head and shimmied into it. I told him it was cool as hell.

He got into a little trouble this week. A bunch of my kids went to a Youth Fair in Georgetown on Wednesday. At one point, Dillon here decided to chase a duck into a river. He ended up slippin' in the mud and goin' into the water up to his knees. That's when he and a friend decided to take off their shirts and jump in all the way. Oh, did I mention it was in the 40s that day?

After that they both got detention. Three days worth. His buddy got an extra few days of community service for cussin' out the female teacher who kinda went nuts when she saw these boys jump, almost fully clothed, into the water.

Don't ya just wish you were back in school?


BRUNO said...

Bet he'd be nervy as hell during a thunderstorm!

How much does that thing weigh, I wonder?

And I'd almost pay a five-spot to see him get OUT of it, the same way he got IN to it...!

FHB said...

It's heavy as hell. He was waddin' it up and tossin' it at other guys in the class. Their groans told the story.

And he slipped out of it just by bending over and letting it slide off his back. Easy peasy.

BRUNO said...


That in itself would make a SUPER, short video!

With SOUND, of course! That'd be half the show...!