Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Yep, the concert was great!

Denise and I had a great time Monday night. The traffic up to Dallas was clear. We got there mostly on time and got to enjoy the lead-up band. I was tempted to ask though, what exactly was the question? Awww, they were harmless, and did manage to make a few cool noises, but we were all only putting up with them, waiting for the train to bust through the back drop and the boys to take the stage.

Anyway, that's enough of that. I haven't been able to fix any of the pictures yet. I'll post a real review when I get a chance.

I just wanted to show you a few shots from last week, of myself and a few of my kids down in Florence.

One of my Seniors, Dillon Sterling, is a whiz with his hands. He's got a project going now, making chain mail.

Apparently he just looked at a picture of some old mail and started bending wire. This is a shot from the middle of last week. It's steadily getting bigger now. I'm not sure what he's gonna make with it. It'll be cool to see.

Last Friday, he brought his tools in to class and worked on it in front of me. I went out to the car and got my camera so I could record this in a little video. No sound, but you get the drift.

Last week was SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) week at the school, so on Friday, the Friday before Halloween, they had a dress-up day. Kids were goin' around with signs on, painted up with fake blood, trying to spread the word about Destructive decisions. One kid had something on about having overdosed on Black Tar Heroin. I told her "Well, and least you had a good time before yo kicked it!" I don't think she really knew how to take that.

Another of the girls was wearin' a hilarious pregnancy outfit. I told her her sign should read "I got drunk with a guy and look what happened to me!" But she said there are too many pregnant girls in the school who would be offended by that. Man, how times have changed. I can't remember ever hearing about a pregnant girl when I was in high school 30 years ago. Lots of beer busts at the lake though, and girls who "graduated early."

Mmmmm, breakfast of champions. Yer thinkin', "What, no corn dogs?" Nope, not that day. Beef jerky from the high schools meat lab (FFA), and a diet soda from the teachers lounge (they're out of Diet Mtn Dew). They make some kick ass jerky there at the meat lab.

Otherwise on Friday, it's usually a relaxed day for me. I just sit there, playin' on the computer (on sites the schools system will let me look at), and listenin' to all the teenagers...

For three friggin' hours...

Teenagers. Teenage girls, for three friggin' hours. Yea, I know. It does pay well. Cheers.


Mushy said...

A totally different post for you and I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Suldog said...

I don't usually come here to flog my own blog, but I think you'd get a kick out of today's (as well as yesterday's) and doing something similar might be right up your alley (hint, hint.)

BRUNO said...

Yeah, that WAS kinda different!

(I think this "kid" is startin' to "mellow-out" on us, Mushy!)

But, it's about time. He ain't as young as WE once were, anymore...!

H2o said...

You look like my dad in the last picture. :-)

BRUNO said...

Just now took time to look at the "chain-mail" vid. That boy's gonna make a helluva engineer someday!

And, patience? Gawd, I wish was that "stable"!

After about Ring # 5, I'd be lookin' for a machine to do it!

Just a hunch---wonder if he rolls those off on a lathe, and nips them apart from a coil, one at a time? And, in itself, that ain't no easy job...!

FHB said...

Mushy - Not sure why it's different, but it's my pleasure.

Sully - I'll check it out.

Bruno - yea, I think that's what he did. And i don't have the patience ether. Not any more.

H2o - Really? Funny.