Thursday, November 26, 2009

That poor bastard!

What a dumbass! Well, here's hopin' ol' Leon's gotten over those few little boo boos. And here's hopin' today's Thanksgiving game is a good one, and that the Cowboys remember ol' Leon and straiten the hell up. Their season only gets harder from here.

Yea, we're goin' to the game today. First time we'll be in the cool new stadium. I have four tickets... Section 203, row 15, seats 15 to 18. My buddy Jim from Ft. Worth is goin' with us. It should be fun. I didn't say anything about it in the last post because I didn't want Bryce to read it and find out. It's a surprise.

By now, we're wakin' up in the hotel in Dallas and he's still clueless. We plan to drive over to Arlington and meet Jim for breakfast. After that we'll drive over to "show him the stadium." We'll get there drive up, point to it and then produce the tickets. He plays on his high school team in Kentucky, but he's never been to a pro game, so it should be memorable.

Anyway, here's hopin' it all goes well. You guys have a wonderful holiday and we'll talk when this one's over. Cheers!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Sarge Charlie said...

I hope you had a Texas sized turkey day my friend.

PRH....... said...

I remember sitting at my Father-in-Laws place at the lake in Wisconsin, when Lett had that brain fart.....funny as Hell then, still is today{unless you're a Boys fan :) }

*Goddess* said...

LOL'ing@the note that little girl sent Leon!

FHB said...

Sarge - We did. Thanks. I hope yours was wonderful too.

Pat - We laugh about it now. We won the game anyway, so it's not that big a deal.

Goddess - Yea, that's too funny.

Suldog said...

I just wish one or two of the showboating idiots from today would have happen to them what happened to Lett in that Superbowl. Nothing pisses me off more than poor sportsmanship.

FHB said...

Sully - Yep. It's over the top.