Friday, November 06, 2009

Not sure what to say about yesterday.

I was driving back to the base from San Saba, going there to teach my evening classes when I found out about the shootings. Denise had called and left a message on my phone, which I always turn off and leave in the car when I go into the jail. She was on lock down on the main campus, unable to leave her office. The classes on base were canceled when the base was shut down, so I just drove home.

On the way, thinking about it all, I started to call a few people. I thought that some folks might worry, knowing I work on the base. So I called my mom, and then my sister, and then my cousin' Bob. It turned out none of them had heard about it yet. I called a few friends, and then called out to the base, trying to talk to my colleagues and friends there, who were all locked into their buildings, about a block from the site of the shootings.

As you might know, there was a graduation ceremony going on right next to the place the bastard did his shooting. Well, I had some friends there. I've attended those graduations before, and had thought about going to this one. I was gonna skip class and go. It's a huge blast, watching your students get their papers. I posted about it once. I always tear up, but I'm just a big softy.

I started to tear up in the car, thinking those thoughts, thinking about how close my friends were to the shooting, and then I got really pissed off. This was personal to me. These are my people! I've taught on the base for about 13 years, since January of 1995. I've seen thousands of these kids go through my classes. Odds are, when they publicize the names of the fallen and wounded, I might see a familiar face. That thought hits me hard, like a bolt of lightning. That makes it all very personal.

Denise and I drove over to Temple, to try to give blood at the hospital there where the victims were flown. They'd put out the call, and I felt I had to do something. But they'd had so many people come in, from all over the area (even from Dallas), that they were overwhelmed and had to turn us away. We'll drive back over there today and try again.

After that, we'll drive down to Florence and watch my other kids play their last football game of the year. It'll be fun. They'll play my dad's old school, Academy. You remember when I used to take him out to see their games? I'll be torn, but I'll try to root for the right team. They'll probably have some sort of special prayer for the victims of the shootings. Lots of those kids have parents in the Army, or who work on the base. We're all touched by this.

Anyway, We'll have a quiet weekend. Sunday, Denise and I will go to Temple, pick up my mom and my cousin Pat, who's visiting mom from up north, and then we'll all head to Austin. We're gonna eat dinner at Pappasito's, celebrating a few birthdays. Denise and I both turn a year older on the 8th. It's fun, and makes it a extra special day to me. I've already picked up her presents and a card. The last two times, she and I ended up picking up the exact same card. We roll with laughter when it happens. I can't wait to see if it's happened again.

Jesus, now they're saying there's been another shooting in Orlando, and another in Tokyo. Dammit! Fucking cowards! What the hell is wrong with these people?

Well, I'm outta here. Y'all try to have a good, safe weekend. I want to say thanks to everyone who called and emailed yesterday, worryin' about me. I felt the love. I hope you all feel it back from me. Cheers!


Sarge Charlie said...

This is what I said about yesterday:


Sarge Charlie said...

Happy to hear you are safe.

kerrcarto said...

You were one of the first people I thought of when I heard the news. I was wondering if you were there or not. I'm glad to hear y'all are safe.

kerrcarto said...

That shitheel got a Kerrville girls dad. Michael Cahill. He was 62. Know him?

FHB said...

Sarge - Yep, looks like it. And thanks.

Kerrcarto - No, I don't know that guy. My info says he was from Cammeron.

kerrcarto said...

He was from Cammeron, but his daughter lives here in Kerrville.