Monday, November 09, 2009

Birthday festivities.

As you may know, my wowman and I share a birthday. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out, a few weeks into the relationship. The last few years, we've even gone out, on our own, and ended up picking out the exact same birthday cards for one another. Hilarious. I was tellin' her the other day, havin' the same birthday makes the day somethin' like Christmas. We get cards and presents for one another and hide them, and then spring them on one another the morning of.

We exchanged presents Sunday morning, then enjoyed a lazy morning. Then I started working on my AC/DC pictures, getting them finished, and Denise started cleaning up the house. My mom and cousin were supposed to drive over from Temple around 1PM, and then we were all going to drive down to Austin for a great meal at Pappasito's.

You know women. They can't let anyone see that the house has been lived in. Hey, I helped. I think I took the vacuum cleaner out and put it back. I may have taken some garbage out. I don't know. It's all a blurr.

My cousin Trish is visiting my mom from up north. One of those cold states, like Michigan. She's Bob's sister... You know, my cousin in Pennsylvania. Yea, Yankees. What can ya do?

She's a peach. We get along really well. She and Bob are like siblings to my sister and I, since we all share the military upbringing, and all the traveling. They were about the only relatives we felt we could really relate to as we were growing up.

Anyway, the plans changed. They usually do. I'm used to it. A woman's prerogative. My women are REALLY good at that shit (Denise is the exception). Mom decided that she'd rather I drove over there to get them. Probably didn't want to drive in the fog and rain. I understood. So, Denise and I relaxed. She Could take her time getting ready and I could finish posting those concert pictures. By the way, check them out.

In the end, we made it to Temple by about 1:20, and were soon on the road to the big feed. As we walked out through the kitchen to the garage, Mom asked me if I wanted to see my cake. She always bakes me a big chocolate cake for my birthday. I said "Yea!", and then she smiled and stepped over by the oven and held up the box. "What? Damn!" they all laughed. Apparently, she'd been to pooped to drive, or bake, so that'll have to wait.

Anyway, Mom was lookin' sharp Sunday afternoon. It's always good to see her get a little dressed up. I don't look forward to the day when she stops caring how she looks. But all of my women were lookin' good.

She and Denise ordered their usual... A top Shelf Margarita for Mom and a Strawberry one for Denise. Trish had a big coffee with Bailey's, and I had a chilled glass of Shiner Bock. We killed off about a basket and a half of chips and dip, and a big bowl of their queso, with the spicy ground beef mixed in. Mmmm, good!

Mom ordered herself a Taco dinner, with an order of Brochette Shrimp on the side.

Trish and Denise ordered the same Chicken Enchilada dinner, with Trish ordering two enchiladas and Denice getting three.

I ordered the Rico plate, with two fajita enchiladas, one chicken and one beef.

Along with mine, I also had a side order of Brochette Shrimp.

All the dinners came with rice and beans. It was all wonderful. I mean, do I have to tell you that?

After dinner, we all piled back into Mom's car and I drove us back to Temple. We hung around Mom's place for a while, enjoying an after-dinner tipple. Chateau Monet, chilled in the freezer. Then, with Mom asleep on her bed, and Trish upstairs on the phone with her husband, Denise and I decided to head home.

Once back home, we relaxed in front of the TV, and spent the rest of the evening watching the Cowboys beat the Eagles. I enjoyed the HELL out of that, but Denise didn't. She's a Packers Fan, and always enjoys rooting for whatever imp of Satan the Cowboys are being vexed by in a given week. We also surfed through PBS now and then, to watch a cool British show on Masterpiece Contemporary.

Anyway, that was our birthday. It was fun. Cheers!


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Good Food, Friends, Family, what else can you ask for....

In Honor of your late Daddy on this Veterans Day!

FHB said...

Thanks man. Yea, I'm thinkin' about him today, and all of you guys too.