Monday, November 23, 2009

What we're gonna be up to this week.

This week is gonna be fun. Not only is it a short week, with three days, Wednesday through Friday off for Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving day is my mom's 82nd birthday. There'll be flowers and presents forthcoming, and she'll probably cook a bunch of great food, but we're not gonna be able to spend much time there.

Wednesday night, Denise's 15 year old grandson Bryce is flying into D/FtW airport. He's gonna spend a few days with us.

Denise and I will drive up there that night and get him. We'll spend the night in Dallas, piddle around up there Thursday afternoon and then drive back home to spend some time with Mom.

Friday morning, the plan is to take Bryce up to Gatesville and let him shoot some guns with my old buddy Dave. I think he'd enjoy that. I'll take my AR, and an AK, and then my new Garand. And Dave can let him shoot one of his Civil War Muskets. He should get a real kick (no pun intended) out of all that.

We'll have a great dinner that evening and then spend Friday night here at my house. Then Saturday morning we'll all drive back up to Dallas and go to the huge Gun Show at Market Hall. He's been wanting to go to a Gun Show with me for a few years, and we've promised him that this one would be cool. The Market Hall shows are always huge, so he should enjoy himself.

We'll spend much of the morning at the show, and then we'll take him to see some of the sights around town. Maybe we'll go over to the West End and do the 6th floor again. In the end, we'll spend the night in Dallas and then take him up to the airport for his return flight Sunday afternoon.

For fun, I sent his mom and email a while back. Email said something like "So, since his Nanna is probably not gonna pony up for a nice little concealable pistol for the boy, how much money are you gonna be sending with him when he flies into Dallas?"

It had the desired effect. We got a call the next morning from her, with Bryce in the background cheerin'. She was laughin', sayin' she wasn't sending any money and there'd be no pistols. I laughed my ass off. These folks already think I'm crazy. It can't hurt to drive the point home any more.


PRH....... said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Denise, and both your families Jeff....

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Sounds like a plan ya'll have a good one. We are heading over to Louisiana to see Mama with a big Saturday gatering at my sister's house for a big turkey dinner. got to do it on saturday cause most of the normal folks have to work.