Monday, November 02, 2009

I've been forced to find a new place to eat here in San Saba.

It's an old house that's been turned into a little restaurant called Our Place, and while it's a bit more expensive than the Dairy Mart, it puts out some decent food.

Imes, one of the guards here at the jail, heard me talkin' about goin' out there and told me to try the fried pickles. So, I did. They were OK, but I couldn't really taste the pickle, and their batter is too pale. I noticed the same thing with their onion rings. They look like they've just barely been tossed in the oil, and they fall apart too easily. Personally, I love their salad bar, and their grilled chicken sandwich. So long as I can't get into the Dairy Mart, I'll keep checkin' out new places.

It was a short day in San Saba today. I'm cuttin' my evening class so Denise and I can drive up to Dallas and see AC~DC at the American Airlines Center.

We'll be in section 117, seats E11 and 12. The view should be great, particularly when Angus does his thing out on that extended stage. The gig starts at 8PM, with a lead-up group called The Answer. I looked them up. Here's the verdict.

Well, sounds cool to me, but we're gonna be lucky if we get there by 8PM. Anyway, it'll kick ass, and I'll try to take some good pictures to show y'all. Anyway, lets revel in the bliss of the good tunes. Here's one the boys probably won't play tonight. Damn them!

Mmmmm, love it! Cheers!


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