Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's 2010. I'm back workin' here in San Saba...

And also down in Florence. This year's begun just like the last one did, with about six classes and a few more to come. The mild depression that hit me as my vacation ended earlier this week, and I stepped back onto this rats wheel, have already gone and I'm looking forward to the future. I'm already planning the future semesters out in my book, and thinking about taking a few trips in between them. The end of one year has given way to a new set of beginnings. More good times lay ahead, or so I hope.

Our trip to Minneapolis was fun, for the most part. I won't bore you with dirty details. Suffice to say that the year ended with a big bang. The reverberations from that bang lasted about 72 hours, but they eventually subsided and everything is cool again. Same shit, different day. Pick yourself up and move on, or get the hell out of the way!

The winter weather up in Minnesota was awesome. 15 below zero at night and right around 5 or 10 in the day time. I LOVED it! We stayed in a great hotel, ate wonderful food, went to a cool wedding, and even enjoyed visits at the Mall of America (a friggin' zoo) and an indoor water park at the Radisson. yep, it was like zero outside and I was swimmin' and sloshin' in an indoor pool. The hot tub was particularly nice, but aren't they all?

The wedding on the 31st gave way to a Christening on the 1st. Denise's little grand daughter farted through the whole ceremony, which was our humerus reward for the drama the same infant had foisted on us at the wedding the night before. I thought at the time, the kid's got class. She knew just how to respond to the tired, medieval bullshit the Minister was professing.

We flew home Saturday, going from 15 below to a warm and sunny 45. I found out on getting back to Texas that an old family friend had passed on the 30th. So, after getting home by 1PM, I showered and dressed and represented my family at his funeral at 2PM. It was a busy, emotionally draining few days. Enough said about all that.

Anyway, the library here in San Saba is closing, so I'm outta here. Yep, I'm back in that familiar grind. But as grinds go, this one's pretty tame. I've got pool tonight. The new session began last week. Everything is beginning, new again. Wish me luck, and have a wonderful 2010! Cheers.

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BRUNO said...

Hain't got no hot-tub, but I've been accused lately of goin' down to the neighbors' stock-tank, with the built-in electric de-icer. Keeps it at a balmy 43-degrees, even at 5-above!

Not bad, but I wish he'd take that damned cattle-wick off the tank, at least during winter when the flies ain't a problem.

Stinkin' thing kinda defeats the purpose of a bath, ya' know?