Monday, January 11, 2010

Love it.

Yep, that's James Taylor. Probably just there to give the chicks something purdy to look at. The other guy is Dennis Wilson. The sure as hell can't act. The may be two of the first Emo kids. But then I guess that's how they were supposed to be in the film.

The whole movie is on Youtube. It's a huge cult classic. But the best reason to watch it is for the cool cars. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

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BRUNO said...

(I can't WAIT 'til ol' Jeff gets back here, an' finds THIS one!)

"Esteemed-Website"---! Oh, THAT, and---"a very good fit."

That'n don't SOUND-good, dude...!!!

BRUNO said...

Man, that ones' got SCAM written all-over it!

"---for a period of half and 1 Year?"

me: "You like, GI??? Big numba one! You pay me, now...???"

FHB said...

Yea, I saw that a while ago. Been busy with stuff and forgot to delete it. Got myself a laptop and been tryin' to get it set up.

BRUNO said...

I'm sorry, but I just couldn't pass it up! Especially that line that says:"I've found your website information( advice to be a very good fit for our visitors...."

So, is he sayin' all of his visitors should be obnoxious, fat, hairy-bastards??? Ain't lookin' for WOMEN, is he, now?(May get a transvestite, or two, though???)

And, you be DAMNED-sure to send him your Pay-Pal ID. And make that price a six-figger, too!

Well, it looks like I've run everyone off, yet again! Sure is a lot of FOOD for the party left over, here.

Gimme some of that green, fuzzy-lookin', 'tater-salad over there, that was yella, when ya' brunged it in here...!

Kevin said...

I first saw this movie as a kid in England, late one night. Loved it. Loved the cars. The ending was kinda weird though, letting the film just melt, like they didn't know how to finish the story out...

FHB said...

Yea Kev, it's a classic. Weird, but wonderful.