Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday evening... Dinner and a new toy.

Denise decided to try some cordon bleu pork fillets and home fried taters last night.

She pounded the pork fillets, filled them with ham and Swiss cheese, and then rolled them and pinned them with tooth picks. After dippin' them in batter and bread crumbs, Denise grilled the pork fillets for a while, while the taters and onions cooked in another pan. While all that went on...

I made the drinks. Denise went for her usual, a 7&7, and I had a rum (Cruzan, there on the top shelf of the cupboard) and Coke.

The dinner turned out wonderfully, and gave me all kinds of ideas about what one could do with this basic concept. Maybe cut the meat thinner, so you can wrap it like a burrito. Fill it with ham, bacon, shrimp, hot mustard and cheese? Mmmmm, good.

After dinner put a big log on the fire and checked the front porch to see if I'd gotten any mail. Sure enough there was a box from the Sportsman's Guide.

I opened the box and there was my newest toy. A Crosman C 41 BB pistol. I saw it in the last catalog they sent and had to have one.

It's a close replica of a German Walther P-38 from the Second World War.

It takes Co2 cartridges and regular metal BBs. I went to Wal Mart and got a box of 24 cartridges. The first one fit in perfectly, tightening with a few turns of the nob at the bottom of the handle.

The clip slides out, not unlike the real thing, and easily loads with about 18 BBs. I took it out in the back yard, set up a Coke can near the fence, took aim and put a hole right through it. Works like a charm. 495 feet per second? Hmmmm. Now maybe I can get some easy, cheap practice in the back yard and try to get better with my .45.

It's been a good, relaxed, cold weekend. Hope yours has been good too. Cheers.


BRUNO said...

So she pounded you, stuffed you full of ham and cheese, and then cut you into fillets, and then rolled you up, an' pinned-ya'?

(Hell, I'd have just fixed my OWN damned-meal for all that pain!)

Naaaaaa! Lemme re-read that---must've missed somethin'???


BRUNO said...

And THEN she finally rolled you in bread-crumbs???

Yeah, I'd need a drink or two after that, as well...!

FHB said...

Naaaa. All of that happened earlier n the afternoon. It was a good day.

PRH....... said...

Good Food and a nice a couple of Air Guns myself, great for keeping the ol shooting eyes in shape, and one Hell of a lot cheaper than shootin real ammo.

Mushy said...

Yummy looking food! Like the toy too!

Been busy working on my email...I've been commenting and answering emails but they never got out.

Apparently Windows Mail don't like URLs in an auto-signature! Who knew!

Kevin said...

Nice! Cheaper practice even than .22s. I'll have to get me one now.

Anonymous said...

The meal looks Delish, Denise! Where do you buy your pork cutlets? I buy schnitzel @ Cosper's Meats in Killeen! You're a lucky fella, Hairy!! Take care! Belle

BRUNO said...

Does that pistol take PELLETS, as well? They're a bit slower, but they rip the hell outta a can!

BTW: Have ya' tried any of those lead pellet/steel bb-combo loads before? They're all over that newest catalog...

JDP said...

I had a Daisy CO2 pistol and they are a lot of fun to shoot.


FHB said...

Bruno - Damn, there's been a comment explosion. I'll try not to get a big head. No it don't take pellets. It's clip fed. Only BBs. No idea about the kind you mention. I'll check.

PRH - That's my plan. Get better with the pistols, on the cheap... And have some fun.

Mushy - That's cool dude. Yep, technology is a pain in the ass sometimes.

Belle - HEB. That's where we shop. The one here in Killeen.

JDP - Yep, it's a lot of fun. I just hope my aim improves in time.