Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Chillin' on the way to San Saba...

As per usual. I hit the road from Florence around 10:40, and with a good wind behind me, and no stops to shit or get gas, I can be in Saba by 11:50... just in the nick of time.

Along the way, to make the time fly by faster, and simply because I can and I enjoy it, I light up a good cigar. I crank back the sunroof (just crack it in the rain), snip off the end, blaze up and turn up the volume on the satellite radio.

Last Thursday afternoon, just as I was driving into Saba, a truck whizzed by heading East and graced me with a little present... A rock in the windshield. Fuck! But it was just a ding, so I called the insurance company and they put me through to the ding-fixer-upper folks and an appointment was made for Friday afternoon to inject whatever the hell they inject into the ding to make it go away. Insurance would pay for it. Neet and sweet.

Shit! I get up Friday morning to head down to Florence and I've got a friggin' two foot crack along the bottom of the windshield. Shit! There goes about $250 for a new one. Yea, I have a $500 deductible. This'll be the fourth windshield I've had on this car. Daym!

So far, this year is the same as the last in San Saba, with maybe a new little twist.

The jail is still here, and I'm still drivin' out here four days a week. But my old eating spot, the Dairy Mart and I... We've mostly parted ways. You remember the place? I told you about it again and a gain, with the awesome Sourdough Bread Bacon Cheeseburger? Well, they changed their hours last year and now I can only rarely get there in time to get that treasure of a burger.

So, I've become a regular at another place. This one's called Our Place. Quaint, ain't it? It's just a house on 190 that's been turned into a cool little diner. You can see the salad bar there on the left, and the pies and stuff there under the register.

Since I get there around 2:45 or 3PM, the place is usually empty. But at least, unlike the dolts at the Dairy Mart, this place is open for bidneth when I gets off woik!

Yep, I have a salad and tea, every time I go...

And 90% of the time I go I have the grilled Chicken sandwich on rye bread with a small bag of chips. It all runs me just under $10. More expensive than the DM, but at least they're open.

Mmmmm, good. But don't let the sound of that fool ya. No, I'm not on a diet. But I haven't had any Corn Dogs in ages, and I may be loosing a few pounds. Don't tell anyone though. I don't want to have to change to title of the blog.

Anyway, the chicken sandwich is wonderful, and the salad is fillin'. Thing is, these folks make a killer bacon cheeseburger too, which I enjoy now and again. But their fries and O-rings are pissy. They look like they need to be put back in the grease for ten minutes or so. Light in color and floppy. There ain't nothin' good about a floppy french fry. Nothin'.

The windshield ding dude is scheduled to show up this Friday morning (anywhere between 8 and noon), so I've arranged for a sub and intend to sleep in. Gives me an excuse to get out of work... Not that I ever need an excuse.

And by the way, this is the first post from my new laptop. I'm sittin' in the library in Saba, takin' advantage of the free WiFi. Ain't it grand? I love it to death. 500 GB hard drive (vs. 54 GB in my old desk top) 4 GB of Ram, and Windows 7 is a breeze to deal with. Chills. Pinch me.

So, I'm off. Don't druel too much over the food shots. Remember the plastic sheeting. You know, the same stuff you use when you... Oh, never mind. Cheers!


BRUNO said...

I don't think the "Ding-Doctor" is gonna do ya' much good. That one looks like it's a job for the "Pullin-Out" doctor...!

Suldog said...

Wow. I've had one cracked windshield, ever. Either I'm lucky or you're not.

FHB said...

Bruno - True, true. He's gonna take this one and give me another. I took the day off from Florence to be here for it.

Sully - Damn, you are lucky. I lived with a windshield full of dings on the old Jeep. None of them spread, for like years, and then one little one did and I had to get a new glass.

PRH....... said...

Damn cigars for a few days or weeks, not that I do that many in the dead of winter, but will lay off....the Beer? No way in Hell!